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Am I Missing Something?


Since i've been training, I've always notice that the some of the biggest people in the gym doing the strangest routines and exercises. Bit of a rant but with alot of them i've never seen them deadlift and squat, do about 10 sets or 1 or just do what seems like curls while resting despite doing shoulder for example

. Also they do unfamiliar exercises which I cant explain, for which after one of a perticular persons act some one came up to him and asked what he was doing and he said "Oh its a new exercises to shock your muscle"

Is there some secret.






If their big it's likely they've been working out a long time. Which means they may just get bored, spot a weakness, have an injury whatever............So they'll try whatever they want to build muscle.


creatine in the socks.

i mix in some powdered gatorade. it's what prof x told me and has been working good.

you know, extra electrolytes and shit. i'm not a doctor.


What.... the.... FUCK.... was that?




Haha I hate proof reading so I didn't. :stuck_out_tongue:


Limey gymrats.


The "secret" is consistently busting your ass in the gym. All these fancy routines are basically marketing. Having a "good" routine might definately help speed your progress up, but there is no substitute for hard work and consistency.


I think that if you watch the big guys that you are talking about, you will probably see that they do one thing right and that is they bust their ass. I think that if you train hard enough and take each set to its max with all the effort you have but don't do the exercise just right or in no particular order you will still get some muscle stim and growth as long as they eat well enough.

Just like the opposite, some guys do everythihg just right with a good program but they don't put enough intensity into their training. Some people can get away with just hard work without knowing what or why they are doing it. I do have to add that those same people would probably be even bigger and stronger if they did know what they were doing.


did you see their numbers (in case they were really big), did you ask what their nutrition looked like? if you didn't do one or both, I can see why you don't know "the secret".


Is this a pre-workout protocol or post workout? And have you ever tried it with SURGE WORKOUT FUEL?


Might have to have words with them, I would be a bit intimidated they always tend to seem very grumpy.


more of like an all day thing. keeping it in my socks let it be absorbed throughout the day.

yeah i tried it with Surge but it's just way to messy. i mean, i wanna get big and shit, but not at the cost of ruining all my shoes


Would putting a sock in your butt be better absorption than rather just having them on your feet?


I don't get it what do you do?


You put your German creatine and some Gatorade in your socks, make sure to do this in both shoes or it doesn't work. I usually reapply 2-3 times a day in public spaces. Drastically increases the absorption and effectiveness or the two supplements. It's science you know.


Everything in this thread is true.



obviously don't do it in public spaces unless you want to get weird looks in the gym. i mean if someone else in the locker room is doing it then i guess it's ok.

and 2-3 seems like to much work. i just do it once a day during the week since i don't lift on the weekends.