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Am I Missing Anything - Alpha Male


Hi folks,

Right this is my first post so please be gentle...lol

I'm 30 yr old male, been going gym on and off since i was 17, in saying that i'm still learning new stuff and some great stuff here i could of done with when i started out.
Im 5'8", 85 KGs (187 lbs) approx 20% BF (I'm being generous), I haven't trained in nearly a year, work, family blah blah Lazy tbh

Anyway my ?, I started a fat loss diet, something similar to the v-diet,and I feel like i'm low in testosterone, i barely get through my workout and not my usual horny self, was wondering if the Alpha Male works or would it be something to do with the diet.

Sorry for the dragged out ?

Diet so far

Meal 1
Whey protein (2 Scoop)
Cod liver oil (1 teaspoon)
Multi-vitamin (Berocca 1 tablet)
Flax seed (2 Dessert spoons)
BCAA (2 tablets)
Fat stripper (ON Thermo Cuts / Had them in the press a while so wanted to use them up, HOT-ROX next on my list)

Meal 2
Whey protein (2 Scoop)
Cod liver oil (1 teaspoon)
BCAA (2 tablets)

Meal 3
Whey protein (1 Scoop)
Caesin (1 Scoop)
Fat stripper (prior to shake)
Cod liver oil (1 teaspoon)
Flax seed (2 Dessert spoons)
BCAA (2 tablets)

Meal 4
Solid Meal consiting of all macro nutrients, very little Carbs.

Meal 5
Whey protein (1 Scoop)
Caesin (1 Scoop)
Cod liver oil (1 teaspoon)
BCAA (2 tablets)

On workout days I have BCAA before and after and a whey protein shake.

so total nutrition i'm getting

Calories - 1500
Protein - 206g
Fat - 57g
Carbs - 36g

Thanks in advance for any advice.



Need more info. How much do you weigh? Calories seem pretty low, but if you are 160 lbs, may be correct. You are taking a fair amount of protein, but where your diet differs from the V-Diet, is you have several meals of just whey. What brand of protein are you taking? Whey has a very fast absorbsion compared to other proteins. May be leaving you too hungry in the 3-4 hours until your next meal.
Are you consuming extra carbs PWO or just extra protein?


lack of libido is very likely the result of your very low carb intake. somethine i find regularly on every low carb cycle. add in a higher carb day here and there, and you will notice the difference. Its also likely that you are deficient in zinc, most people are, supplementing with ZMA before bed can also make a significant differnce


I weigh 85kgs, I take optimum nutrition gold whey and I mix in Caesin to two of my shakes, just protein after workout.


Yeah was thinking that too I read the post on that this morning, I'll be getting some ZMA tomorrow.


OK, that may be a little extreme calorie deficit for your weight. It really depends on your metobolic rate.

I think you are missing the mark with no carbs peri-workout. If you are working out with any sort of intensity, you are in real danger of burning muscle. Your daily carb intake is already pretty low, and to not add any around your workouts is probably counter-productive. Take a look at the V-Diet and how you add Surge recovery after each weight training workout. I understand you aren't taking Biotest products currently, but you can read the labels and get an idea of the calories / carbs / protein ratios.


Hockeydawg thats a good idea I'll give that a bash. Thanks again.