Am I Making Any Progress? 3 Months Training

Am I making any progress? I also need advice on growing my pec’s while cutting if it is possible <3 1st pic is where I’ve started and the second one is my current look. Thanks!


Maybe if you’re relatively new to lifting or using Russian Sports Supplements nomsayin.

Probably just eat plenty of protein (1g / lb bodyweight / day) and train for progress in chest presses. Dunno what your training looks like so can’t really give specific advice.

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You’ve either:

  • progressed
  • used the environment / posing / other little tricks to give the illusion of progress
  • all the above

Well done. Keep training, your pecs will come along for the ride.

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right now I’m doing this, for cutting. I weight 93 kgs and I want to lose at least 7 kgs and if it is possible I want to grow while doing it, at least in my chest and lats because they are the weakest parts of my body Destroying Fat

you posed different in both pictures, flexed in one and not the other, and used a filter. So I have no clue if you’ve made progress. That’s certainly not a good way to judge it.

Always pose in the same mirror, same pose, same lighting, same degree of flexing for all progress pictures to accurately judge progress. Attach bodyweights to all pictures in your personal notes, if you keep those.

You look new to training, so it should definitely be possible to gain muscle while losing fat. Just lift and diet. It’s really pretty simple. If your gym lifts go up while your bodyweight goes down, that’s a solid indicator you’re doing it right.

If your gym lifts start to suffer, that means you’re dieting too fast.

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My pecs hate growing. Part of that is that I didn’t have the mind-muscle connection with them that I needed to actually activate all the fibers.

Before you do any chest work, make sure you’re establishing the mind muscle connection:

Also, I’ve been doing 5 sets of isometric pushups where I hold at the bottom (hands and feet elevated on blocks or weights) for 60 seconds lately and that’s been really helping add size and shape. If you can’t make 60 seconds at first (I couldn’t) do 30/30 and rest then repeat 5x.

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Thank you very much for your advice! On the left, my weight is 95.4 kgs, and on the second one it is 94.0kgs, on this pic I am in the same light and I weight 92.8 kgs

that’s good, man. that’s pretty much what I’m talking about, a relaxed front pose to judge future progress with. The lighting kinda sucks in that picture, I’d generally recommend direct overhead lighting like in a bathroom, but if that’s all you’ve got, it’ll work.

Looks like you’ve made some progress losing weight, hopefully your lifting numbers are either staying the same or going up!

Your overall structure looks fairly balanced. I wouldn’t worry specifically about pecs, they aren’t really a problem. I’d put effort into a well balanced lifting program. Your back and shoulders will affect your overall ‘look’ in a positive way more than chest will. So keep that in mind.

Cool man, thanks <3 when I began my training, I was benching 75kgs for like 3 reps, and now I think I can do 1 rep with 90kgs, my arms and shoulders seem to be growing, I suppose my pecs are growing slower than other, I’m doing this fat burning program right now, Destroying Fat and I am thinking about squeezing one more day of chest training in there, is that smart? Thanks a lot!!!

I would suggest that if you’re doing somone elses program, dont modify ANYTHING. you don’t know enough about programming to know why things are the way they are. trust the pros :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! If some bad luck brings you to Serbia be my guest, and I’ll work my ass off until I become shredded like a pineapple!!! <3

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but this guy doesnt have a chest!

You are definitly progressing. Since you were new, anything would have been more work than nothing, so anything would work. You are still in that phase, but not as extreme as before. You have a bit of body fat on you, so gains that you get will be difficult to see, and with noobie gains, you will definitly put on some muscle even though you are cutting. I would recommend a recomp though. Since you are still fresh, your body will loose fat just as well in a recomp, but will put on more muscle, thusly leading to a leaner look.