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Am I Losing Too Slowly?


Since the beginning of January, I've lost 10 lbs. This has been since I've been able to focus on my diet more, get more sleep, and other factors. Personally I'm thrilled with that since I've always struggled with losing weight.

I've been following the 7 habits and have been going through the Precise Nutrition set that I have. I've done little or next to nothing to include more cardio except for the ABBH for Fat Loss.

But I wonder if I am losing weight too slowly. Or is this normal? I mean 10 lbs in 4 months is great for me, but I know people including JB talked about at least 1 lb per week.

27, Male, about 18% bf now, 5'10", 230

What do you think?


As long as you're consistently losing weight, it shouldn't be considered slow. Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't get discouraged. .5 lbs. per weeks is pretty good.

If you're hitting plateaus, start keeping a food log to tighten the screws on your diet. My weightloss slowed to a halt a few months back and as soon as I food logged and tightened the screws, I started losing again.


It's odd...in the past I'd lose 1.5-2lbs per week...then just hit a wall, no loss for weeks. Then, ya wake up one morning and the scale "wooshed" down 7lbs.

I'm sure you know, but don't just use the scale...pics, clothes, BF%, all that good stuff.




Also other thing to consider are body comp changes. Are you getting stronger as well maybe adding HEAVY LBM and swapping it for larger amounts of the less dense FAT??

Keep it up


All my lifts have gone up in the past months. I havent lost a beat in that, which I was a bit surprised in. I know for certain that my pants are looser.

I just think my goals are gonna take many more months at this rate and that bothered me a bit. I was hoping to get down to 12% or 10%.

Actually I've been a lot looser in my food logging in the last few months so I was surprised to have lost at all. I would just try to eat well and not over analyzing micronutrients.

I've been eating a lot more vegetables and especially fruits lately.

Go fig.