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Am I Losing Fat or Muscle?

Hi everyone! I injured my lower back and right leg due to overtraining almost three weeks ago. Since than I could neither walk properly nor do any weight training at all. I am being very careful with my nutrition and eating clean like never before. I am on a 1700cal diet and my macros look something like this:

2g protein per kg of bodyweight
2g carbs per kg of bodyweight
0.8g fat per kg of bodyweight

I am losing the weight on this plan. I also took some measurements and seems like my hips, thighs and waist are also getting smaller. I am happy when I see the weight going down but at the same time I fear it might be muscle loss since I am not working out. Any suggestions please?

how did you manage to overtrain when you were dieting? i highly doubt you injured yourself due to overtraining. and if its still hurting that bad for three weeks, its probably pretty serious. also, you probably need to eat more than that.

Keep the protein high, 5 grams of l-leucine before your meals each day…for most people the general rule of thumb is 6 weeks before serious losses occur. Recouperate and get back into the gym.

I never took L-Leucine before but before the injury i was not dieting, I was trying to maintain. However the weight keeps going down and i am afraid i am loosing the hard-earned muscle. Also, since i am a woman, should i get 5g of L-Leucine before each meal?

I would increase your fat and decrease your carbs and just eat at maintenance until you are healed. There is not much need to for carbs if you are not going to be exercising which is why I would drop them quite low. Eating maintenance should maintain as much as possible, and do take the leucine as recommended above. I would also add +5g of fish oil.

Thank you all so much for your help:)