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Am I Leaving Gains On The Table


First cycle, planning on running test only.
Weeks 1 & 2 100 Prop eod & 400 enan wk. Weeks 3,4,5,6 enan (400 wk) only.
Weeks 7&8 100 prop eod only.

I already know what's going to happen. After week 8 I'm going to say "man this stuff has got me in high gear maybe I should extend this thing a few more weeks."

If I don't extend it but cut it after 8 weeks am I leaving alot of those 1st cycle gains on the table that future cycles won't be able to capitalize on like extending another 2 or 4 weeks could capture. Or am I misjudging this and after 8 weeks the gains will be deminished to continue.

The reason I was going to limit it to 8 weeks was I want to limit hpta suppression so I keep my gains after pct. But hey if by extending I gain another 15 lbs I'm still better off even if I lose half of those extra 15 lbs.

Am I getting greedy? Obviously but I guess what I mean is am I getting TOO greedy? How do you guys deal with this psychologically to go from training in Nirvana back down to earth has got to be rough.


if hpta health is a major concern for you, then 6 weeks of test E would be the absolute minimum duration you could effectively cycle it. it is not optimal, as some bros will tell you...but again, if hpta health is your concern, then 6 weeks is the minimum.

i would highly suggest a healthy frontload of the enan, i'm talking something like 800 mg - 1.2 g the first week if you plan on using 400mg for the rest.

some bros will say that longer esters like enan and cyp should be run longer than 10-12 weeks for optimal results...which is true for the most part. however, the best enan cycle i ever ran was only 7 weeks followed by 3 of prop. it was structured like this....

week 1: 2 g enan
weeks 2: 1200 mg enan
weeks 3-7: 800 mg enan
weeks 8-10: 100 mg prop EOD
weeks 1-10: 1.25 mg letro EOD
pct on week 11: clomid, tribulus, zma

made excellent gains. PCT was a breeze. kept maybe 90% of what i gained.

good luck in whatever you choose.


If 6 weeks is the "minimum" what would be the maximum you'd suggest for a conservative, hpta concerned 1st time user?

Why'd you stop your best cycle after only 7 weeks of enan?

Those are some pretty large dosages to start hpta only 1 week after prop and 3 after enan. Wouldn't your blood levels have still been pretty high at that point?


Oops mean pct not "hpta" in that last paragraph.


IMO a first cycle should be test based and no longer than 8-10 weeks.

i stopped after 7 weeks because i know that i personally have a very difficult time recovering from any cycle longer than 10 weeks.

i messed up with the pct timing in my last post, i actually started on week 12. week 11 was still prop EOD, but with 50 mg clomid, tribulus and ZMA nightly. my last prop shot was a full 4 days before PCT started. full blown pct started week 12, giving the enan a full month for levels to drop. this was my summer maintenance cycle and it was the most successful i ever had.