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Am I Just Adding Junk Volume?

Hi CT.

I listened to the adapt nation podcast 105 where you spoke about Junk volume.

I think you said that if you’re not progressing in weight throughout the sets, then you’re just doing junk volume.

On your best damn volume plan, I am on the last week in block 1 and I have been using the same weights for each set as I haven’t felt the need to ramp up. Should I not be doing this?

Love your stuff by the way. Keep up the great work.

I’ll be honest, the best damn volume program is NOT how I would train or recommend my clients to train.

It’s the way to train if someone feels the need to do volume or is motivated by volume.

If you can progress from week to week and still feel good and do not feel flat muscle or have problem spleeping, you are likely fine.

Junk volume refers mostly to adding a bunch of exercises or tons of sets on low-benefits movements.

Ok thanks for the reply.

I am only on block one at the moment so ill carry on and see how I feel as the volume gets higher. So far I’m really enjoying the workouts and feel like I’ve accomplished something afterwards.

I read one of your articles and you said that this neurotype is best suited to a double progression method, using the same weight for all sets. To prevent the anxiety of having to add weight to the bar, which has been a big thing for me in the past. So I figured that this would be the best plan of yours to follow? The amount of volume was a worry for me though so I get what you’re saying. But so far I am really enjoying the change as ive never trained with a lot of volume before.