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am I in trouble

I had to train legs yesterday, but I have lacrosse games Saturday and Sunday, so I went light. 5x5 box squats with 70% of my usual 5x5 weight, three sets of calf raises, and eight 40 yard sprints at about 85% speed. To my shock, I am a little sore today. Any opinions on whether my strength will be down for my games this weekend? Also, I am experiencing a little hair loss and a barber recommended a product called Nioxin. Anybody out there got any experience with it? Thanks!

dude, you are soooooooo focked!! I wouldn’t even show up for the games!

how would we know??!!

I would like you’ll be alright if you stretch and warm up before the games. My soreness usually goes away is I stretch a bit, warm up SLOWLY, and stretch again. I used to have a rough time at the begining of track season back in high school and this worked well for me. As for Nioxin, I have used it. I don’t deal with anything but the shampoo and conditioner. They have other supplements and sprays but I found it to be crap and expensive. The shampoo and conditioner will feel and and smell like astringent. It will basically act as a pore cleanser to clean out the hair folicles and allow hair to grow better and stay longer. We are alway loosing hair and always growing hair. The problem comes up when we start loosing faster than we can grow it. I found that this helps. You will feel it tingle when you use it as it cleans out your scalp. After a few weeks it will feel normal. This is usually when I stop using it. After I go through 2 or 3 more bottles of my usual stuff I switch back to Nioxin for a bit. I have definately noticed a difference.


dude, if you are well conditioned it wont be a problem. We train legs 6X weekly including 5 running sessions, 2 leg wos and one game for rugby. If you are used to volumne it is not a problem.

My understanding is 48hrs is sufficent rest for a muscle regardless of soreness(recent article in latest NSCA strength and conditioning Journal). Thus, you will not hinder muscle repair if you trained Thursday and will play Saturday. This does not apply to CNS system. I would advise you be well hydrated as it is the #1 factor in decreased performance among atheletes. Proper warm up and stretching as others have posted is always advised.

Thanks everybody. Except, obviously, ada. Ada, I asked for opinions about training, recovery, and sports. If you have no idea about that stuff, why are you here?

I also stretch when I’m feeling a bit sore. On some occasions even I spend time stretching instead of lifting. Yeah, stretching, getting the blood into the muscles will help speed up recovery. And do make sure you are eating plenty.