Am I in the Right Forum?

Not sure if this is the place (forum) for a guy like me…
I’m over 45, I’m not into lifting or bodybuilding, (but who knows I might dust of the weights and bike upstairs now) Doc said I have Low T, Gels didn’t work… So I started my TRT yesterday. (1ml every 2weeks) I don’t have all the lab info I see you guys talking about, I just know I’m in the 125 range (think that is right) I also don’t have lot of the issues I have heard others with… I am tired and no energy, not much rest from sleep, No problems with ED or libido… And Im not taking other meds… Not worried about the cost as insurance is covering it, and I pay like $10 for 10ml.
I got simple question in the way of medical questions not work out questions…
I’m 6ft even and weight 261, I hear I can lose some weight and that cool, but maybe I should try to lose the weight too…

So what kind of diet for a working guy (construction safety)
I’m up at 5am, out the door by 6am… Some days I eat lunch someday I don’t, I’m a coffee addict, and I snack big time late day then when I get home eat dinner late. Get into bed by 11pm…

Should I take the shots at night or morning? Right now I take it right before bed (well I have had one shot so far)

I’m worried about this growing breast side effect? (I picture Meatloaf “Bob” in the Fight Club)

Again I mm not sure if this is the place for me or should I go find another forum that is more medical based?

Thanks… New Old Guy

You’re on the right forum. Start with stickies and read up on dosing. You should be dosing once per week minimum. Every two weeks is no good. If you control your E2 with an AI like Arimadex you shouldn’t have breast issues. Most take 1mg a week in split doses. Post your labs for more info. As far as diets go, make sure you don’t skip meals. It’s better to eat multiple well balanced meals than skipping and snacking. If you want a guideline I can write you a couple options up on Monday when I’m not on an IPAD.


Yes you are in the right place. As you have heard you need to read all the info that has been pinned here.

It already sounds like you can use some help, Your doctor’s protocol is really behind the times. Get him to let you self inject and you can stop that stupid every to weeks thing. The best thing to do is get a copy of the test results from your doctor. And post the results right here. Read all the information in the stickies and go from there. the guys here will help as soon as you have learned the basic info. If you pay attention and follow advice you will not grow man boobs. Right now your protocol is likely not going to make you feel that much better. Not to worry, we can set you up to where it does. You just need a bit of patience

Yes you are going to find losing weight to be a lot easier than it has been in years. As will working out if you do that and you should. There is a lot of good diet advice on this site. Not so much on the T replacement forum but this web site is good that way.

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This may sound dumb, but I Thought since I posted this as its own topic, it was were I was supposed to post at… Guess there no easy way to figure out were “stickies” are?
And I Guess I don’t know what a sticky is… Thought it would be a note at the top of a page…
I’m on my phone doing this, so that may have something to do with it.
I am self injecting but following the doctors orders…
Really new to all this, and looking for good info…
I don’t even know all the lingo you guys are using…
AI E2 etc…
But I will go do some more reading here first… Thanks again for the help, just wanted to know if this is were I should be before I spent hours reading up or if I should look elsewhere…

Stickies are at the very top of the TRT page. Click on that and scroll down. You’ll see several pinned topics.

AI is aromatase inhibitor. A drug that prevents the conversion of testosterone into estradiol,

E2 is the particular estrogen we need to be concerned with as guys on TRT.

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The link I posted takes you to them. You are at the best place I know of. You have found it

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Thanks guys, been reading through the stickies posted and getting a lot more direction… Thanks again.
Seems there is a big learning curve ahead, but this site has the tools to get it done… And here I thought it was as sif mole as taking one T shot once every two weeks…
I see another Doctor visit with PCP real soon.
To get the full lab work info, and to see about the AI and changing my dose schedule and amount…
I do notice a headache in the mornings since I took my first shot on Thursday night… But it may be unrelated.
Thanks again for the direction.

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Here is some other questions …
(While I wait to see the Doc)

I had a vasectomy 16 years ago, could that be an issue in Low T today? That it has slowly tapered off since then?

I do have high cholesterol and take Crestor for it for years now… No problems with blood pressure, Tri’s, or blood sugar… And no problems with ED (except not lasting as long as I used to) and the wife and I have sex about once a month to once a week… So I’d say Libido is ok too

Just don’t have energy, weight gain, no rest from sleep, full head of hair but very little facial hair and test results of low T (125) tried the gels with no change, so Doc said to try the Cyp.

Now my younger brother had a tumor on his pituitary gland that he had to take meds for, and he had high levels of E, once he got that fixed he and his wife got pregnant. So not sure if there is an issue for me there… but the having kids days are done for me … Hence the Vesectomy mentioned above…

Have a great Holiday weekend. And thanks again.

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How old are you? Sex once per month is not a good libido!

I’m 46, once a month would be the low side, max might be 3 x in one week, avg would be once on the weekends…
Guess I thought it was average…


I believe the stats say it is normal. Once a week is not low. It just means you have been with the same woman a long time. You know she is there tomorrow if you are a little tired tonight. But once a month should leave you complaining. Your level of desire is going to go up along with your energy.

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Talked to the doctor office yesterday, ¶ called me back.
They say that with my latest T level being 150, they want to go slow for my first round and to stay at 100ml every two weeks, and after they can change the time period up. And that also the intent is not to get High end T levels but just to a normal state so that with the dose being what it is that I should not need an AI… And that AI’s are not approved… And that if I wish they can direct me to a T specialist to see about…

This is TYPICAL mainstream Dr speak! You need to edcuate yourself and find a doc who cares about how you FEEL,not what the labs say. You want to be high optimal in your T levels. I can personally tell you that you do not know how bad you feel right now until you get your levels where they should be.

You definitely need an AI. If your E2 levels rise you will feel worse than before. With the right doses and meds its possible to feel like you’re 20 again. I want to have sex 2 a day everyday but it wears my wife out so we end up doing it about 5 times a week. I’m 51 and my BF is low, my muscle mass is restored, my attitude is great, etc.

Dont let the docs fuck you over. This is your life and you PAY them! Either make them do what you want or find someone who will. You might even have to go outside the law to get healthy (i.e. UGLs)

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Your T level will peak in the first week, then you will drop down to nothing about time of injection. My Dr did this to me on 400mg of testosterone c. Was horrible after a few weeks my estrogen went higher than a woman, worst experience in my life. I told my Dr I wanted 50mg twice a week and Anastrozole .50 twice a week. Only issue he had was Anastrozole, but he may change his mind when he does see my lab I just did and everything was in range. My T at start was 96, now is 1100 just below 1199 max. But this is on 50x4 over 2 weeks. You will have peaks and lows, will suck for sure.

just read up and learn as much as you can by navigating this page. This forum is full of people who are/have gone thru exactly what you are going thru, and have lots of experience and advice that is truly remarkable. You have found the right place. Best of luck to you, and there are lots of people on here that will help you out.