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Am I Hot or Not?! 6'1'' 205ish


I'm a powerlifter, but still care about what I look like (bad thing for a powerlifter to do I know). I've been lifting for 6 years but very on and off. When I'm on though I'm pretty dedicated. This year has been pretty decent but I've been back and forth. Was up around 220, went travelling for a month and a half in January and February in Indonesia/Vietnam and lost 25 pounds (mostly muscle).

Within a month and a half I was back up around 210 and up to 215 in a couple months (go muscle memory). I've been dieting a bit lately because I'm doing a comp in July organized by a guy I know. The winner is determined by Wilks score so I'd like to get down around 195.

I've hit some PRs this year, squat and bench have been pretty shit though. All numbers are belt only (and a shitty Chinese made belt at that). The gym I workout at is a piece of shit Chinese gym as well so I deal with it the best I can.

Squat - 450 - I think this has gone down though with losing some weight
Bench - 320 (haven't tested in a long time, hoping for 330-340 in the weeks leading up to this meet)
Deadlift - 572 - hoping for around 600 come meet time. This has been moving up like crazy lately.

As for physique, my calves are fucking pitiful. Seriously some of the worst I've ever seen. I hit them 3 times a week. I try eccentric, isometric, concentric, vaginacentric, but nothing seems to work. My hams are also shit despite the amount I can deadlift, I don't know how that works. And my chest is that of a prepubescent school girl. Let me know what else sucks.

Tips? After this comp I may focus on bodybuilding for a little while. I've said that before, but powerlifting is too much fun and I always revert back.


I have no idea how to pose.


Check out dem calves. Who's jelly?


Solid build my friend. Aside from the non-existant calves, you have what I would consider to be the ideal body type and what I am working towards. You've identified your weaknesses and I'd imagine most all would agree with you on what you need work on. If you're not doing Glute Ham Raises, I suggest you start as your Hams will blow up and you'll also get some decent calf stimulation from them too if you press your toes into a surface behind you.

There's a few ways to McGuyver a GHR if your gym doesn't have an actual machine for it, which I'm assuming it doesn't. Walking on an incline with a heavy emphasis on pressing the foot into the tread, almost through it along with DC style training would be my recommendation for calves. I gave you a 7 btw.


Dude, your house is a mess.


Looking really thick - need calves though.


Looks pretty solid overall to me.

You have no idea, what a mess is.


It's my shitty Chinese apartment... you can come clean it for me if you think it's a mess.

As for calves, I know that I have incredibly tight fascia, and I'm pretty sure this is what won't allow my calves to grow. So I stretch all the time and use a tennis ball to no avail. My dad/brothers are pretty big guys and also have small calves. I know that I shouldn't really give a shit, as long as I can squat a lot I should be happy. But I'm getting a little tired of having chicken legs down low and decently developed quads. If anybody has been in the same situation as me and figured out a solution to fix their calves problem I'm all ears.


lol I had bigger calves at 12 without working out... genetics really f%&$d you


Thanks for the support. So what's the consensus people? Synthol? Or just blow my fucking brains out?


Synthol or Just blow my fucking brains out? HAHA. You're looking good bro...


May I present a third option? Murder "BunnyBench" and implant whatever muscle he may actually have into your calves. Use his pelt as a towel in the gym and mix up your post workout shake in his hollowed out skull.


By the looks of his calves you would need to kill me 100 times over to fill up dem bad boys!

But seriously train calves first and hard because everything looks good except them.




uhhh... yeahh...


I am addicted to face...

Cannot rate hotness without face.

Body looks good to Meh but MEANINGLESS!


Faces are overrated... Think about Sloth from the Goonies. I'm his doppelganger. In other words, I'm fucking sexy.


Looking good man... I'm the same hight but weigh about 220 (20 lbs of fat to lose easily). I have had the EXACT same problem with Calves. My whole family has small ones (right now they're about 15.5 inches, but I only started doing calves again about a 3 weeks ago). The thing that makes it worse is my quads get freaking HUGE, 26 - 28 inches when I work out my legs. (depending on my weight)

In the past I have worked out my calves like crazy at the gym... trying every combination/split etc. Seems like no matter WHAT, they would get sore and grow for like a month or two then stop. I was doing this for high school football and at best had about 16.5 in calves. During the off season between high school and college I began using Strength Shoes. After the 1st routine (mind you I worked out my calves a lot already) I couldn't walk for almost a week (not the normal 2-3 days of soreness you get when you come back from a lay off. By the time the college season started (about 7-8 months) my calves were 19 inches. (not to mention my forty got a lot faster and my vert got way higher). I could finally dunk a basketball!

This has been the ONLY thing that has EVER made my calves look half way good. That was 10 years ago and I recently bought some new ones because i know thats the only way I could grow my calves. I'm doing calves at the gym right now getting them prepared for the Strength Shoes. I tried them about 3 months ago (with out any calves at the gym) and pulled a muscle in my calf, so I'm working them up to avoid another pull when I start.

If you can get your hands on them (I found a good deal on craigslist). Trying jumping in place for 1 minute (literally) as high as you possibly can. Even if you work calves out regualarly, you will get sore as hell for 3-4 days.

Only drawback?? It takes 30-45 minutes a few times a week... I replaced my cardio days with Jump shoe days...


Upper - Small Traps, Chest and forearms.

Lower - Calves and Hamstrings

Nothing you don't already know.


I'll try to get some pumped pictures up in the next little while. I look a hell of a lot bigger when I get my pump on. :slightly_smiling: And as for traps? I've never in my once had somebody tell me they were a lagging body part. I actually try to avoid trap work because they grow so much faster than everything else. But there's a first time for everything I suppose. I have a powerlifting comp in 4 weeks, so worrying about what I look like will have to come after that.