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Am I Hitting Depth for SPF?


First, apologies for the worst placed towel possible for this kind of question.

First meet coming up in March, I have no idea what kind of standards there are for depth on the squat, so hopefully I've been hitting it and hopefully you can tell despite the terrible towel. If it's hard to tell, I'll get another video up soon. Federation is SPF as the thread title says:

Thanks in advance for any help.


From what I know, SPF calls fairly high.... I haven't competed in that fed, but the videos I have seen, I seem to remember them being a touch higher than "parallel".

The SPF rulebook says: "A legal squat is performed when the top of the upper thigh at the hip (the ?crease? of the hip) passes below the height of the knee."

I would say you're still a little high according to that criteria. This however, is very subject to a better video (WITHOUT THE TOWEL! HAHA) Have you watched any videos of SPF lifts? That may help a little. There may also be a few form tweaks you may need to make hitting that depth a little easier. Can't really tell from the angle though.


I'd say you're high, but in the SPF they may call you good.


You may be hitting depth, but barely. Some things you can do to help: 1) your hips are tight, stretch everything, foam/pvc roll everything, grab a door frame or power rack and squat down and force yourself deeper while holding good form, 2) push your knees out more, this will help open up the hips and your torso will be a little more upright and depth will come easier, 3) strengthen those glutes, and 4) consider a slightly narrower stance.

Good Luck!


^^spot on actually.



Really depends on who is judging. The SPF has a reputation for being one of the most forgiving of the federations (disclaimer: no disrespect to any SPF lifters, founders, judges, etc, etc). That being said, I've seen some squats that I thought were good by any standards get turned down, and vice versa.

It wouldn't hurt to squat a little deeper for your opener then make adjustments for your next attempts.


In my humble opinion, the first two were questionable, but the last three looked good.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll try to get a recording Wednesday (sans towel) and post it here.

I'm used to squatting very deep, so trying to figure out what correct, minimum depth feels like has been pretty tricky. My kinesthesia seems to go out the window with depth.


hahahah absolutely.... SPF has the most leniant standards... Practically impossible to be called high when you squat for SPF. I'm exagerating but still.


I'd say you're high. But I compete USAPL and it's a very strict fed in terms of squat depth. That being said, I wouldn't cut it close if I were you. Get another inch or two to be safe.

If you don't know when you're hitting depth, get or make a box that's perfect depth and train to it (box squats) until you know how the correct depth feels.

Good luck at your meet.


Pretty simple. Have someone call depth, Jesse will tap your caller when he says you've reached depth.



Such a cool bro.

The SPF has the same standard on the rule book for depth as everyone. Most of the side judges at the meets are not professional judges, so yeah, at some of em you will get high squats.

The SPF meet I did had a lot of people red lighted for depth, including some I thought were good.

So moral of the story, make sure you go just deep enough for two white lights, and youre good.


First meet I did was SPF and they called things deep. Sometimes though, and this may be true in all federations, that raw/single ply is called a bit deeper than multi.