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Am I Good Enough for Powerlifting?


Hi everybody, I'm powerlifting training for one year now. I can squat 175 kg, bench press 142.5 kg and deadlift 185 kg, all this equipped (my gear is not new, a friend used it for 1 and a half year before me) I deadlift with my squat suit. I have a body weight of 63 kg and I am 23 years old so my question is: Am I good enough for competing in Powerlifting, should I continue doing it? Someone told me that I am not a talent in this sport so it got me thinking. What do you think?


How tall are you?
Your lifts aren't great, but they could be a lot worse - perhaps if you improved your training and diet (which you didn't post so I can't comment on) and gained some weight, your 'leverages' would be far better... Just a thought.
I am unsure of what you want here. If powerlifting is important to you, you will improve your numbers soon enough. If not, find another sport. You cannot blame genetics or whatever for a plateau at this level; you can easily advance to a highly competitive standard in the right weight class for you if you put the work in and avoid serious injury - and only then will you have an idea of your potential at the elite level.


Just noticed you have been training for just a year - relax! You are doing fine for now. Maybe consider raw training for now if you feel the gear is distracting you?


63 kilos... that's like, 138 pounds right? And you have an 1105 total? That's an 8+ times BW total.

I'd say you're doing fine.


everyone is good enough for powerlifting. just sign up.

now my question to you is, did you mean are you good enough to win a powerlifting meet? cause that is a very different question and answer.


EMPHATICALLY YES!!! Ultimately you are competing against YOUR numbers, while simultaneously trying to win the weight class.

First of all F-U-C-K the person who told you that. Who the hell are they to tell you what you can and can't do. look, I SUCK at hockey and I will never be even remotely considered "competitive" in that sport but I LOVE playing it and do ok at it. I for one am sick and tired of people telling others that if they aren't "the best" that they don't have a place in a sport. That's like saying that I'll never be a world famous porn star so I might as well take a vow of celibacy....

take home point - DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.


Here there's requirements to make before you can enter. Read those go and observe a comp and see your competition. From there sabotage their cars; piss in their gas tanks, you will be victorious .


I agree with this.

Now I have the confession to make that geared powerlifting disgusts me (not trying to start a flame war here, we have had enough of those). But GET STRONG first and then focus on gear.

I tell the same thing to aspiring crossfitters, marathon runners, even olympic lifters. Get strong first, do some conditioning and technique work and the rest will then be so much easier.

General always comes prior to the specifics. Do not have it backwards or it will take you much longer to progress. Good luck, and God bless!


You're ready - nobody will ever be 100% happy with their numbers, that's the beauty/sheer terror of powerlifting.


Hahahaha this.

But yeah I don't understand why you should look for assurance from anyone really, my numbers are way worse than yours but I just signed up for my first meet, fuck anyone who tells you not to do what you wanna do. "Do whatever the FUCK you wanna do"


Yeah, go for it man.


Good job buddy happy for you!!! Keep lifting you have good potential!! Exactly don't let nobody tell you, you can't do shit. Take it!!!


Also you are younger and by my age if you stick to a progressive program you will be way stronger than I at the same age you can spin everything positively! I too have yet to compete doing it in 2014, almost there!


Why are you in gear? Take a couple years and build a base.

As for prognosticating your long-term potential, really no way to do that, and it is possible to start from the back of the pack and become a good lifter. If you want to be a lifter make it happen.


Agree with Ramo! If all you ever train in is gear your body will have weaknesses that gear is covering up. Train raw as long ad you can find your weaknesses and strengthen them. Not saying don't compete in gear, just build your foundation... Also id invest in some gear that's more suitable for YOU. Might be leaving some numbers on the platform. Otherwise your total is very solid, great work!


Provided you can lift a bar you're good enough this shouldn't even be a question.


Couldn't have said it any better than this