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Am I Going CRAZY???



I did a "quick check" this morning of my homepage/news, e-mails, "T-Nation", etc...normal routine kinda' stuff before going to work...

And I CLEARLY remember saying "I'll come back and read TC's article on Sprints after work".

Didn't TC have a Sprint article posted this morning?

Where is it?

(You guys tell me I'm not going CRAZY!)




I think that was an old article posted by accident.


Yes there was such an article. However, he did not say penis so they pulled it.


LOL That is hillarious!


Yeah, it was there. I've noticed this happens sometimes when they're updating the website. Seems like mostly fridays...

anyway, the article was posted in '98. Here's a link:



Thanks, guys!

(By the way...that's a great article. I remember reading it when it first came out).



I thought I was slipping too. I started to read it but had to get to work. Went back to read it later on and POOF! it was gone. It was a pretty good article though, I think I'm gonna have to go finish it.



That is some kind of freaky pic you posted there. Caught me completely off guard (especially after just reading the most recent Powerful Image thread).

Yeah, it was an old article. But it was great.


It is the dude from Limbo's waiting room, in the movie Beetleguise.