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Am i Getting Too Much Protein?


Hey, befor i used to take in around 300g protein per day while i was cutting, and now that iv started bulking im still on the same clean diet and i get up to around 370-400g protein per day. All my friends tell me its dangerous if i keep taking in that much protein, now is it ? im at 200lbs btw, iv also read that drinking alot of water helps if u take in high amounts of protein so i try to drink as much as i can


it isnt dangerous, your friends are just idiots... but it also isnt necessary.

If you want to take in 300 thats fine but you dont really need 400g. 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is a pretty widely accepted number.


ya, i agree w/ gregron. If you eat too much protein, you'll produce ammonia and urea, which will put some strain on the liver and kidneys. BUT, this just means that you should drink more water to help flush out those chemicals. And yeah, for a natural all you really need is 1-1.25g/lb BW. Anything more isn't necessarily bad, just not necessary. Then again, a lot say that 300-400 g is good. Just depends on what you wanna do, but if you don't shove ice cream/McDonalds down every day then you're already ahead of the bell curve. And if friends try to give you health advice, either thank them and disregard, or ask them where they got their nutrition/MD degree! I get all my info from people who actaully are experts - guys like Bricknyce, Stu, etc....Broscience is 90% Bullshit.


Actually, urea is a piss-poor (pun in 10 did) indicator for kidney damage, as these test protocols were developed on patients with renal failure, not healthy individuals.

OP, the only "risk" is wasting money, as you will piss out excess protein.
1.5g per pound will suffice.



But I wouldnt say that 2g/lb is THAT excessive on a cut. It depends what your other macros are and how you respond whatever amount of carbs youre currently taking in while still losing fat.


Yeah I agree with Dre and Bones. I wasn't trying to imply that urea can be a measure of damage, just that it's a by-product of too much protein. And Bonez is right - you can/will usually need a bit more protein during calorie restrictions. I always say, though, that assisted lifters have a different set of rules - that I know nothing about.


Whoa. Whenever I post advice it is always geared towards guys training without AAS, unless I say otherwise. I rarely use AAS myself, 95% or more probably of my time spent lifting (in my life) has been natural.


yeah 2g/lb isnt extremely excessive but I just dont really think its necessary for most lifters (especially if they're somewhat in the beginner stages)


Dogcrapp training is all about 2g/lb bodyweight...


Bonez, I wasn't saying that towards you, I was just acknowledging that AAS changes the game for whoever uses


And all this time I thought dogcrapp training was all about lifting weights


Fair enough. I figured it was because both me and Dre post in the AAS forum.