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Am I Getting Enough Variety?

My diet is pretty monotonous, and although I eat very clean I’m wondering whether I get enough variety, because it’s unusual that I devate from this. Sure I eat a cheeseburger or something once in a while but the point is that these are the only foods I purchase and consume on a regular basis. anyway…

Most often:
egg whites (6-12 per day)
chicken breast (5-10 oz per day)
organic whey (10-20g per day)
romaine lettuce (a bag or more per day)
spinach (2-5 cups per day)
tomato (2-3 per day)
onion (1/3 per day)
carrot (1 per day)
raw broccoli (1-2 cups per day)
apples (3-5 per day)
oranges (1-2 per day)
blueberries (1 cup per day)
steel cut oats (1/4-1/2 cup per day)
EV olive oil 2-3 tbsp. per day
walnuts (approx 1/2 cup per day)
fish oil (2.5g per day)

less often:
cottage cheese (1-2 servings per week)
salmon (approx. once per week)
red meat (approx. 1x per week)
cooked asparagus (1-2x per week)
cooked green beans (1-2x per week)
avocado (1-2 per week)

That’s pretty much it. See any major gaps??

i see that your main meat that you eat is chicken… Try adding some lean hamburger/ turkey/steak or another variety on that side of the spectrum… also What do your liquid calories look like? do you drink any milk?

i agree, i think you need more dairy to meet calcium needs. How old are you?

I am 22. Not a fan of dairy products so I try to get my calcium through the vegetables, etc. Calcium is pretty much ubiquitous to cellular material anyway so I’m not too worried about that. No liquid calories, unless you count the small amount of whey I consume. I would like to eat more meat, but I prefer to avoid the adulterated commercial crap, so I’m trying to find a source of organic meats.