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Am I Forgetting Anything?


My goals of this program is too develop explosiveness and speed.

jumprope 3x1 minute increase by a minute each week up to 3 minutes
squat 3x8
Dynamic dumbell lunge 3x10
leg curl 3x10
calf raise 3x15

internal rotation 5x12,10,8,6,12
explosive bench press 45%rm 6x2
explosive standing military press 45%rm 6x2
Isometric bench hold 2x 8 seconds@3 positions
Isometric standing military press hold 2x8 seconds@3 positions
Partial Bench press(top 1/3) 100%rm 4x2
Partial standing military press(top 1/3) 4x2
Plyo push ups 3x5
Dumbell press 3x5
standing arnold press 3x5
Lying tricep press 3x5

single leg box jumps 2x15
box squat jumps 3x6
3 steps+jump one leg 3x6 each leg
On box jumps 2x6
40 yard sprints 4

external rotations 5x12,10,8,6,12
explosive bent rows 45%rm 6x2
Isometric lying pull holds 2x8 seconds at 3 positions
flying pull ups 3x3
pull ups 3x5
seated row 3x5
60 degree lying trap rows 3x5
dumbell bicep cleans 3x5

jump rope 3x1 progressing the same as monday
platform deadlift 3x8
barbell split squat 3x10
leg curl 3x10
1-legged calf raise 3x15


Now I hope i don't get flamed; but as long as you have a good level of gpp; or General Physical Preparedness, one of the best ways of building your "explosiveness" is just by sprinting; or plyometrics. However if your gpp isnt up to scratch then weight training can be beneficial. So presuming that your gpp isnt great; Why are you not doing any ham work?? I know sqauts are an "All-round" builder so-to-speak, but they are quad dominated; and huge quads are just as if not less important than the hamstrings in sprinting.


deadlifts hit the hamstrings unless i am doing them wrong i can usually feel it there, leg curls work the hamstrings, and i am doing some sprints in the middle of the week.


If widen your stance and go A2G squats are very much a hamstring builder.