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Am I Eating on the Right Days


My question is what I would consider pretty basic. I'm sure I will hear that I need to be doing the 5/3/1 program or something else. Anyway I'm doing a three day split program and on tuesday and thursday I work abs, calves, and hamstrings. I am wondering if I should be eating the same amount of calories everyday that I work out. Right now I eat 3500 calories on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday I eat around 2000 calories. I'm 5'8" tall currently weigh 155 and my goal is to gain approximately 20 lbs. Thanks in advance.


Well, at your bodyweight and goal, I think the easiest answer is that you should just be eating. Daily. Every day. Weekdays. Non-weekdays. Lots. And in no way is this a shot at you, just a simple truth from someone who once weighed 20lbs less than you.


You need to eat above maintenance ESPECIALLY on rest days, since that is when most recovery and growth of muscle takes place. Eat 3500 every day.


Sorry for the hijack, but another equally basic question at the other end; when cutting, should you deliberately have one day in the week where you run maintenance cals, or even a small surplus?


You're eating on the wrong days. Didn't you know people have set days to eat?



OP have you lost your mind?


Based on your stated goal.......this!!


I like to eat everyday