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Am I Eating Enough?


I eat about 2000 calories a day trying to get at least 150g of protein with that. My height and weight is 5'6/145lbs, age 19.

Current stats:
Deadlift - 365x1
Squats - 190x10
Bench - 155x5
(Deadlift is much higher than both cause I've only been squatting and benching for a month since I just got a bench/rack then)

My goal is to increase those numbers BUT I'm also trying to get leaner (going on vacation) and fit for rugby so I'm going to start doing cardio 6 days a week (HIIT and light cardio alternating) and lift heavy 3-4 days a week.

How much would I need to eat in order to get leaner but get stronger at the same time? I've been on 2k calories the past few months and I've only lost about 1-2lbs in about 2 months cause I have been neglecting cardio.


there is so much wrong with this post I'm not sure where to begin.

You are an adult male who weighs 145lbs and you want to weigh less?

So you're goal is to get stronger while you're losing weight?

No one can tell you how much YOU will need to eat because we are not YOU. Everyone's body is different... but if you've been eating 2K cals and have only lost 1-2lbs in 2 months then that pretty much tells you right there that you need less cals to lose weight.

but lets go back to my first point.....

You are an adult male who weighs 145lbs and you want to weigh less?!?!?!? lol


I used to weigh 175lbs but it was a lot of fat so I decided while I'm still 19, I'm gonna gradually get leaner and after I achieve that and lose the fat, I'm gonna gradually make my way back up to 175lbs as clean as possible so by the time I'm 22 or so, I'm gonna be at my peak trying out for nationals rugby.

Don't forget I'm only 167cm so even though I'm only 145lbs, I'm not exactly skinny.


I'd personally recommend the opposite approach. It seems (I can't confirm by myself yet) that losing fat is much easier when you have an important amount of muscle, so you could bulk for at least one year, aiming at adding 40-60lb of bodyweight (train well so at least half is lean muscle) and then cut until you feel comfortable with your looks, strength, etc.


last time I checked, husky brutes played rugby, and no awards were being given for having less bodyfat. 145 lb doesn't qualify as husky unless you're 3 feet tall.

I think you need to re-evaluate your goals. you've only got 3 years to "peak" for nationals and that is precious little time to mold yourself into a beast of a man.

tell you what, do a bit of research. see how many players at your position weigh 145 lb. and see what the average body weight is. don't come back until you find the answer. I bet it will change your whole outlook on the issue.


Hmm, I haven't thought about that yet. But yeh, I did gain a lot of weight while playing rugby and lifting weights for a couple of months cause I was trying to put on some weight for the sport. It's just these past months when I've stopped playing that I decided to lose the weight I gained.

I'll think about that more cause I never really liked weighing under 165lbs.



Rugby isn't just for massive guys, professional/international players weigh anywhere from 145lbs to 285lbs. And having less body fat does help a lot in playing since it's not exactly easy to run around with fat hanging around unless the position you're playing needs you to be that heavy.


let me phrase things differently.

given the same speed and level of body fat, who would be harder to bring down, a guy who weighs 145 lb or a guy who weighs 200 lb? and which of these guys would probably be more resistant to injury?


Obviously the heavier guy but given that we're talking about rugby here, the 145lbs wouldn't even be running the ball so he shouldn't be "brought down". If he is, then someone's not doing their job right.


well, I think you're missing the point.

refer back to gregron's post.


My eyes.


My eyes.


Just for your own frame of reference:

Dude at my gym, on the job, is 5'6", and is a shredded 185. That is not skinny, in fact when he was a soft 210 was a fucking monster for someone that needs a phonebook to see over the steering wheel.


you want to gain 30 lb of muscle in three years, while wanting to get lean and have hawt abz now.

I can only assume that you've never had to really bulk up. 30 lb of muscle is hard enough to gain when you don't have to devote calories and time to sport-specific training and conditioning. have you never heard of how the boxer Manny Pacquiao eats 6-7000kcal a day, trains an ungodly amount of time and only goes up a few pounds?

do you realize how much of an uphill battle it is to gain ANY mass, ESPECIALLY lean mass, when you're NOT doing as much conditioning as you are?


You're a fucking idiot. Tell me who the hell plays international rugby at 145 lbs? Who? Top level rugby players are big, no matter the position. I understand that you are a back, but those guys still arent tiny. Go lift weights, and eat food.


Good post. Guys--- the OP is 5'6". He's SHORT! 145 looks a helluva lot different on him than on what you are imagining.

I still think he needs to gain significant weight, but he is not looking like "the machinist" here. Some guys that height look pretty decent at 150-160.

OP-- to answer your question, eating is a very individual thing. but....6 days xardio + lifting ia almost surely going to require more than 2000 calories! Also you can get stronger through CNS adaptations, which are less metabolically "needy" than muscle gains. But I would suggest increasing calories.


hopefully, the OP doesn't read this and think "oh weighing only 150 will be ok".


Hopefully. I said I thought he needed to gain significant weight to compete. But I said it politely.


eh. us newbs tend to lose sight of the big picture, and in this case that would be to be the biggest, strongest and fastest that I could be without regard for weight or body fat, since rugby isn't governed by weight classes anyway.

if OP were American, it would be like wanting to get Twilight-ripped for the summer but ultimately hoping to make it to the NFL. I'm pretty sure even the kickers are bigger than 145 lb. in the NFL.


what position do you play? i used to be a winger cause i was one of the lightest on the team. NOT a fun game in my opinion! haha