Am I Eating Enough to Get Big?

Hi all, i’m new here and i have a question…
Im 225 pounds,6ft 1 and about 18% bodyfat im training 4 times a week and have been for a while i do 30 mins cardio as soon as i get up every morning.

My nutrition is
meal 1: 2 scoops of whey,5 egg whites+1 whole egg,bannana and 50g of porridge.
meal 2: 150g chicken and 275g baked potato.
meal 3: 200g tuna and 50g brown rice.
meal 4: 200g steak and bowl of veg.
preworkout: 1 scoop of whey and creatine.
postworkout: 2 scoops of whey and creatine.
meal 5: 50g porridge and 2 scoops of casein.

So my question is am i eating enough to get as big as possible?

Are you gaining weight?

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Seems like a solid, clean meal plan. “Getting as big as possible,” we need to define more specifically what you mean, and what your goals are. Primarily, remember a caloric surplus will make you gain weight, if that’s what you’re after. So, as @T3hPwnisher asked,

If you are, you’re on the right track. If you’re not, add some more calories and track carefully.

If you want to maximize muscle gain while minimizing fat gain, don’t eat a huge surplus, 10-15% can add muscle for sure. After a certain point, you’ll start adding more fat than muscle. And of course, the way you train will have a huge impact on your physique, and the kind of weight you gain. So, can you elaborate more on your training plan also?

If gaining weight is a top priority for you, I’d also recommend losing the 30min daily cardio, at least for now, while in a weight gaining phase, and consider a few days a week instead.

The more specific info you can post, the more detailed feedback you can receive. Hope this helps!

How many calories are you consuming? As mentioned above unless you’re in a surplus you won’t add mass. To me your current diet looks rather low on calories for someone of your weight & who is physically active. You’re clearly taking in a lot of protein but not much calorie-dense food in the form of carbs or healthy fats. Everyone’s body is different, but I’m similar height to you, I weigh about 180 & I’m not particularly looking to get any bigger, but I eat a lot more carbs & fat than you do.

Why are you taking 7 scoops of powder a day?

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Yeah, i’m tryin to gain now

In the three weeks since you started this thread, how much bodyweight did you gain?

Plenty of good advice from the other guys so far. You should address the questions they brought up.

I apologize, that wasn’t my question.

I am not asking what you are trying to do, but what you are doing. Are you gaining weight with this approach?