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Am I Doing Too Much?

Hello. I`m relatively new to training. Been on and off for some years.

I started up again now and i am enjoying it alot. My question. Is my “program” any good, or is it too much/too little?

10min cycling
Benchpress 5x5
Close grip benchpress 5x8
Dips 4x8
Triceps pushback 4x8
Pushups 4x12

10min cycling
Deadlift 5x5
Barbell rows low 4x8
Barbell rows high 4x8
Bicepscurl with a barbell 5x8
Inverse back extensions 3x8
Boxing 20 minutes
Situps 3x10

10min cycling
Squat 5x5 (cant do this anymore)
Front squat 5x8
standing military press 5x5
Front raise with dumbbells 4x8
Side raise with dumbbells 4x8
Back flyes with dumbbells 4x8
Plank 3x45 seconds
20 min boxing.

Aswell as doing this i am always increasing my weights each training aswell as sometimes mixing up the reps abit.

I havent really done any max lift attempts as of yet but, my previous lifts when i trained a year and a half ago was

Bench 198 lbs/pounds or whatever it is you use. here we use Kilograms in norway
Deadlift 396lbs
squat 268lbs
Military press 110lbs

Any input towards my routine whether it should change/mix it up add/remove exercises, some decent critique would be appreciated.

Personally I would switch Monday and Wednesday. Wouldn’t want my upper and lower back fried when I’m going into Squat. Your Monday doesn’t look to bad or your Wednesday but, Friday is way to much and all over the place as well. Ill put more later I am tired.

I guess your right right about switching monday and wednesday, tho i haven`t felt bad doing the squats, not a problem at all but i suppose it might be different when im getting to heavier weights.

Not sure about the friday really, Looking forward to more input. Thank you for answering.

Essentially you just have a crap ton of volume on Friday. I would just make shoulders a different day. Also you have absolutely no posterior chain work.

If your looking to use the " Big 4 " why not look at 5 3 1 it uses the same moves and is much more laid out than what you have

Thx for reply.

I will set shoulders up with their own day. lets say saturday. Regarding posterior chain, Won`t deads,squats,inverse back extensions and the plank assist with these?i could maybe throw in calf raise and somekind of hamstring exercise? hamstring is the back of the leg right?

I don`t have a big weight room with fancy stuff, i have a tiny ass room where i can barely move around without knocking shit over. i have a big barbell for bench/dead/squats and a benchpress. I dont have a squat rack so i have to toss the weight over my head to squat, and i dont like lifting heavy weights behind my neck, doesnt feel right. Could i just stop normal squats and just increase the volume on front squats to say 8x5 or so, much more comfortable with just pulling the weight upto my shoulders. other then that i have a back raise machine, one chair and a situp bench and random ass dumbbells.

I have read the 5 3 1 before and it is based around the big 4. So as you said i might aswell just do that. Dont need alot of fancy machines for that.

Yeah some leg curls of Russian leg curls would be great. Also I suggest dropping the back squat and increasing the volume on front as you said.