Am I Doing too Much?

I think I have a pretty solid plan for most bodyparts, but Im not sure of what to do for shoulders. I know so many exercises that I don’t want to exclude any but I dont’ know how much is too much.

I start with shrugs behind my back with the smith machine, then I do dumbbell military press, then rear delt raises with dumbbells, then upright rows, then front and side laterals in superset and i might even do dumbbell back flys.

I feel like I’m doing so much. I only do 4 exercises for my chest and 5 for my back. seven for shoulders might be pushing it. Obviously Im not getting rid of the presses but what should I drop if anything. Im going for size

Remember that a lot of chest movements use shoulders, and over-isolating never does any good. You don’t need 7 excercises for shoulders, but also remember shrugs work your traps, not deltoids.

Just pick one or two and hammer it really hard at the end of the week so it doesn’t disrupt your chest days, which I presume you do before your shoulders.

Personally, although not conventional to bodybuilding, I like doing handstands and side delt raise, they gave me my monster delts. in your case you may like behind the neck military press better because of the larger ROM. Just stay heavy on the compound and stay relatively light (14rep+) on the raises/flies.

Alright, So Im thinking maybe drop front laterals and mayber back flys. then Id be pretty much doing one exercise per part of the delt plus shrugs for traps.

My traps are strong but dont look big so I want to keep upright rows in there too, it feels like its one of the best for me, I feel it all over my shoulders. and yeah, I do chest on monday and I do shoulders on thursday.

I used to do them saturday but I found that doing them saturday made my chest workout week because i only had one day in between

I don’t know man, depends on what you’re body likes. I’ve been doing:

Standing military press
Seated DB shoulder press
DB Lateral raises
Face pulls
cable lateral raises

If you count rear delt as it’s own muscle group (i feel it’s kind of distinct from the rest of the deltoid), that’s 3 muscles trained with 6 exercises. Sounds like you’re doing something similar. if you feel you’re growing from it, keep it! if not, and it’s beating you down, change things up and go from there. that’s what I’d do anyways.

better to do rear delt work on back day

Im thinking Im just gonna cut it down to dumbbell press, upright rows, side laterals, and rear delt raises, and then shrugs. I might do the rear delt raises on back day tho. I think I can focus more on the press if I don’t do too much other stuff

You don’t need to do 7 for your shoulders. Choose about 4 but no more than 5, do some shoulder presses with the bar and a rack, try not to do it on the smith machine cause you don’t have to balance the load thus making the tension on the muscle less intense. And if your failing on each excercises you’re doing and doing 7 excercises, it will be difficult if completely impossible to hit your designated weight on the next excercise, but if it doesn’t bother you and you’re seeing results, go for it.

Get a spot if your doing heavy weight on the shoulder press, if you can’t then just use the smith machine. then just choose 3 or 4 more excercises after that and that should be good for shoulder day.

I mean I just started lifting seriously in probably december of last year so I guess you could say Im a begginer. Im a pretty strong pup though, just naturally. I normally do presses first and do a warmup set and 4 working sets. Then for rear delts I do the back flys and then the upright rows. Those are really the only ones I feel I have the juice for because I do go heavy on the presses (for me). I normally do dumbells and Im up to 75s for 5 reps.

I have no clue why someone (other than maybe a pro) would need that many exercises per bodypart.

Here’s a question… are you adding weight or reps every workout? This is what is ultimately important. If it takes you 6 years to add 100lb to a bench press because of having all of 5 exercises when you could do it in half that time do you really think its worht it?

I don’t believe someone needs to have 7 exercises to have felt that their muscles have been worked adequately. Even a beginner.

My suggestion would be to pick 3 exercises (a press, side raise, and rear delt movement), and see how that works. Ok add a shrug movement for you traps if you like. But if you are really working your ass off during those exercises, why add more? To get a better pump? All those extra things are just going to cut into recovery and make it harder to progress over the long term.

I dont even feel like its working, I just get caught up in doing a bunch of stuff because I like to add to my workouts but i hate to sacrafice even though I know I have to. Im going to though. Im going to do press, side laterals, back flys or delt raises and shrugs. And I have been adding weight to my press, but it might be easier to do so if i dont add 34million other exercises haha

Do you train to failure? Do you feel the exercise in the desired muscles?

Like everyone else said, 7 does seem like a lot. If you want to keep more of the shoulder exercises why not do shrugs on back day? Out of curiosity, how many sets and reps are you doing per exercise?

I do 4 sets including a warmup of each exercise and i go in the 12-10-8 range reps wise. Im totally going to tone down the amount of exercises and up the intensity. I think I got my plan now