Am I Doing Too Much Volume?

Hi christian

Would you mind telling me if my weekly training volume is too much please.
I’m a natural man 37yrs old I have a physical job
I’m looking to drop fat but I’m not in a rush maybe gain some muscle in the process.
I’m currently not doing any extra cardio

The workouts are all full body usually in a upper lower upper style circuit.

Mon - full body EDT circuit
General warm up 5 mins and mobility

2 sets of single arm Carry combo
Left arm Waiters walk 30m
Left arm rack walk 30m
Left arm suitcase carry 40m
Repeat for right arm

2 x12 minute blocks of
Parallel bar dips (bw) x6
Sl rdl/ single leg bodyweight leg curls x6
Inverted rows (bw) x8

2x10mins blocks
Single arm ovh press x6
Single leg glute bridge (bw/bands) x10
Bicep curls/ chin up (bw)

4 sets backwards sled drags 60sec rest

Wednsday - full body circuits

General warm up and mobility

Loaded carry combos above 2 sets each

Circuit 1
Bw Ring dips x5-8
Sl rdl x6-8
Bw Chin up x4-6

Circuit 2
Single arm over head press x5-8
Single leg hip thrust x 10 -15 (bw/ bands)
Bw Inverted row x8

3-4 sets prowler pushes/ backwards drags 60sec rest.

Friday - full body EDT circuit

Same as Monday maybe a few exercise changes

Saturday - upper body mechanical drop sets
And lower body posterior chain circuit.

Lower body posterior circuit.

Sl reverse hyper x15
Sl 45° back extension x15 (bw)
Full glute ham raise x6
Bw sl hip thrust x10
Calf raise x15-20
X3 rounds

Mechanical drop sets
Bw parallel dip
Decline press up
Press up
Inclined push up
Supine chest throw

Chin up
Inverted row wide
Inverted row neutral

Front rais
Lateral raise
Arnold press

Bicep reverse curl
Hammer curl

I appreciate any feedback you can give me.

Many thanks Aaron

How long have you been doing this? How do you feel?

It’s going to be pretty hard for him to give you specific commentary from a list of exercises. It looks like a lot on paper, but maybe everything is at 15% of your max and you’re 47 reps short of failure; in that case, you’d have essentially no effective volume.

Generally, you’ll need to reduce some volume as you reduce calories anyway. How will you do so on this plan?

If you want my opinion, and you likely don’t, you’d be better served to pick one of CT’s many plans and follow it. Pick a target weekly weight loss, have some indicator exercises you want to maintain/ improve, and then you can more easily ask him specific questions in the event of a stall.

Thankyou for for your feedback all advice is helpful.

I have been doing this for around 6 months

Im fairly heavy at the moment so some of the bodyweight exercises are pretty hard for me so towards the end I am getting closer to failure .

The loaded carries are suposed to act as a kind of 2nd warm up / hypertrophy/ fixing imbalances.

Iv done Thibs neurotype and was a type 2b ans was doing those training plans.

I do enjoy training full body better than any other split.
I was trying to create something similar to that of best Dam volume/ EDT but with A full body approach.

Thanks again for your replys.