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Am I Doing Too Much or Not Enough in the Gym?

I a 39 year old male with limited time and have just started this new program. I go to the local gym and work out on my lunch break during the week and only have 20-25 minutes of actual time in the gym. My goal is to gain some strength and just stay in shape. I have a desk job, so I do a lot of sitting at work and I usually take a brisk walk during my two 10 minute breaks per day. I do my core work at home. I do one lift per day and try to include one quick assistance exercise after. I do them in a 4 week block and adding 5lbs to my max after each block is complete. Any kind of advice is appreciated.

Week 1
-Main Lift: 4x5@75%
-Assistance: 3 sets bodyweight

Week 2
-Main Lift: 4x3@85%
-Assistance: 3 sets bodyweight

Week 3
-Main Lift: 1x5@75%, 1x3@85%, 2x1@95%
-Assistance: 3 sets bodyweight

Week 4
-Main Lift: 3x5 @60%
-Assistance: 2 sets bodyweight

-Main Lift: Deadlifts
-Assistance: Pullups

-Main Lift: Overhead Press
-Assistance: Dips


-Main Lift: Squats
-Assistance: Box Jumps

-Main Lift: Pendlay Rows
-Assistance: Inverted Rows

-Main Lift: Bench Press
-Assistance: Pushups


I don’t think anyone would accuse you of doing too much with what you’ve got written here. If anything you’re more likely to hear the opposite.

Seems like a fine plan for your goals though, and easy enough to adjust should you stall at any point in trying to reach them.

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I’m afraid of overtraining especially now that I’m getting older.

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You’ll know whwn you begin to gather fatigue. You don’t wake up ovrrtrained one day and out of action for 6 months.

Yep looks good, can see it working well

Honestly as a fellow 39 year old I think it’s entirely too little.
As I’ve gotten older I have gravitated towards more work, not as heavy but much more volume.