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Am I Doing Too Many Sets?


i have recently put on a lot of weight over the last winter and summer and really want to take it off - I am normally around 220lbs but have been up to 330lbs for some months. I recently started a split program which i got a trainer at my gym to look over (I trust him) and he said it looks okay but I am wondering if i am doing too many sets… here it is - since I am not currently working a full time job i go twice a day when i workout…

3x10 DB press
3x10 Incline
3x10 pec fly
3x10 close grip BP

break, then go back

3x10 back squat
3x10 split squat
3x10 front squat
3x10 reverse lunge (if energy left)

next day split

3x10 seated row
3x10 pull down
3x10 DB row
3x10 face pull

break, then

3x10 RDL
3x10 DB DL
3x10 pull through
3x10 glute bridge (if energy left)

day off, then repeat

so far my strength and numbers are going up and i am keeping a log on my diet with pre workout protein shake and post workout shake as well and trying to keep at 100 grams of carbs a day.


Yeah right nice try , run a marathon every week and go to 2500 cal a day diet , eat 10 cans of tuna a day, with a good multi vitamin, and alot of iced tee. Do we have before after pictures. Right


This is about as generic as it gets. If it’s working for you and you are motivated to go to the gym every week that’s what matters. I’m not sure why your postin, since you seem happy with what you are doing and you didn’t ask a question. If you’re not happy with the results, or if either one of those two things change, then feel free to ask away.


not sure i follow you strongmanjoe… i can get a buddy to take a pic of me as i dont have a fancy new phone…


i was reading other beginner programs and the linear progressions - ie. starting strength and GreySkull LP and it looks like they do was less sets than i am doing right now. not saying i am right just that i dont want to blow out to early… something to that effect…


You are not doing too many sets. GreySkull and other programs have less sets because they are generally more intense and require more weights to be used.

If your trainer says this program is better than either SS or GSLP, ditch him. It’s not a bad program and actually pretty decent considering it’s a split done by a beginner, but I would take GreySkull or Starting Strength over it any day.


24 sets isn’t outlandish. The intensity is what really matters.

When you say break, what does that entail?


break as in i will go home after the first split to rest and go back to the gym to finish the second split after at least 3 hours…


he isn’t my trainer and i dont pay him i just got him to take a look at it… the gym i workout at isn’t full of meatheads and i have trained with this guy before when i was in better shape but wanted to get something on paper and stick with it for several months before moving on to something else.


Well if this works for you, keep doing it and do it hard. I believe you would get more out of SS or GSLP but what matters more is that you go to the gym, keep motivated and lift intensely.


thanks will do… will try and update with a before photo.


These will give you the fastest results for fatloss…

If want to continue with 2 a days, try this -similar but better…

Can stick to the 100 gram plan but dont be afraid to really up the other macros especially good fats if feeling flat


thanks Rampant, will look into these and try to keep the other macros up!


there you go, not pretty at all and i am quite embarrassed with myself… anyways, i wont give up the fight… unfortunately i don’t have a before - as in before i got fat, lol


Don’t worry man, at that point you’ll lose fat really fast with a good training program. In your situation, I would definitely recommend switching to a pre-made proven beginner program that will let you milk beginner strength gains as much as you can. The more strength you gain, the more big compounds with heavy weights you do, the more muscle you will build and the more fat you will lose.


I think your time would be better spent doing cardio rather than a second weight training workout


how about both? i currently have the time as not working… don’t think i could handle the stairmaster and i hate the bike so maybe the eliptical? i am working up a huge sweat when lifting…


also, might add farmers walks as my grip is already giving out on me on DLs and in some of CTs articles he said they are good for fat loss as well.


honestly, I’m not a fan of two a day weight training except for the very experienced anyway.

If I were you I would just do a fairly standard push/pull/legs split training with weights 3x a week and then fill in whatever gaps you have with cardio.

The fact is that you are overweight to the point where it is dangerous. I would be doing everything I could to gear towards fat loss.


More isn’t always better. Spend that time doing meal prep, or going for a brisk walk; you’d be surprised what just a 30-45 minute walk could do.