Am I Doing This Right?

Ok so i have several questions. I have had my bloodwork done and mine was in the dumps at 33, we are talking way low i was barely over 100.

So i met a guy while working in cali and he got me hooked up on test E 300 and tren. He told me to take 1cc of both every other day, But another guy i talked to said every 5 days. Ive been taking it every 3rd day because i am a little nervous.

Is there anyone that can give me some.real insight on this pls.


Go to the Pharma section, you get better advice as this is the TRT section.

Ok so with that being said is there any good.drs in las vegas to where i can maybe see about being prescribed this stuff? Also do the drs only prescribe Test? Or can i get other things from them?

Ok ty

You’re in over your head.

This is a cycle, not TRT, so Pharma section is better.

What Tren are you taking, A or E? If it’s A, it should be ED. If it’s E, take it with the Test E3D.

Do you have an AI on hand? A PCT plan?

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Did you do even one second of research before you starting injecting things into your body?

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So I am assuming Test 300 is 300 mg/ml. That is over a gram a week, if the tren is dosed at 100 mg/ml, that is still 350 mg of tren a week. If you followed the initial advice.

I would not take any advice from this individual.

You don’t necessarily need to have a TRT doctor near you. There are TRT clinics that work over the phone, and are usually cheaper than the ones you visit physically. I use Defy. Lots of people on this forum use them for TRT.

If your test is actually under a 100 ng/dl, TRT will be covered by insurance at your normal doctor.

Also, if you have not done so please stop taking the tren. Tren should be saved for way down the road, after many cycles and experience. It is very powerful, and the side effects are also very powerful. You do not want tren dick.