Am I Doing This Right?

Hey guys- I am currently trying to cut fat. I do Waterbury’s Destroying Fat so I have the lactic day and the heavy weights days. I supplement differently depending on the day, can you guys tell me if I’m doing this right?

Here’s the heavy day

Pre- 1 scoop Whey Protein Complex (i like it because it has BCAAs in it as well as glutamine phenylalinine and even some glycine) and 1 scoop of gatorade mix in a cup of chocolate milk.

During- 1 scoop Whey Protein Complex (GNC by the way) and 1/2 scoop gatorade mix with water

Post- Same as Pre but with some Creatine

On the Lactic day I just do the Pre and Post. If I tried the During I would vomit no question.

My next question is, the calorie amounts. On a heavy day combined the breakdown is 880 calories total with 9.5g fat 146g Carbs and 67g protein. Is this too much? I can’t afford Surge, but I got as close as I could to Bernardis recommendations from Scrawny to Brawny.

But like I said I am cutting and outside of my drinks my only carbs come from either 1/4 cup brown rice or 1/2 cup brown rice depending on if I had a during shake. So pretty much my only way to lower carbs would be to affect these in some way. If I am right on just say so but if I had to lower carbs I assume this would be the place to do it but I just always heard that my cals had to be between 200-300 for pre and post meals. Am I wrong here? Sorry for all of the possible answers