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Am I Doing this Right? (Right Program for Me)

first off, Im 21 yo, 5’10", and 198 lbs. Im a natural lifter with a total of 1500 and have been training for about 3-4 years

Recently, I’ve brought something in to question. 5/3/1 was the first and only training program I’ve ever used. I’m curious of whether that was the option then. And is it even the best option now?

I knew VERY basic bench and squat form from football coaches, but along my journey to a bigger total I’ve had no mentor and no reference point other than forums like this one. I found wendlers template and eventually figured out how to do it. Ive basically only done bbb and other variations i created that wendler advised against (rightfully). It should go without saying, but I’ve made a TON of mistakes. Injuries, dieting, programming, techniqueâ?¦.you name it, I’ve fucked it up.

Now that i finally feel like I’ve learned a few things Im curious as to whether or not i should’ve/should be doing something different. Im slightly familiar with westside, cube, and rippetoe’s programming and I’m curious as to whether i should try something other than 5/3/1. Obviously i will get varied opinions on what the best training program is, but whats a good path to take as far as discovering what works best for me. 5/3/1 is all I’ve ever known

also before 5/3/1 i had a year or so of being in the gym but zero knowledge of what i was doing. i had about an 1100-1000 lb total when i found 5/3/1. I’ve always been strong but I’m curious as if i should be stronger at this point

sorry for being so long winded

Are you still making gains on 5/3/1?

[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
Are you still making gains on 5/3/1?[/quote]

forgot to address that. yes and no. When I’m gaining weight I’m easily moving up. when I’m dieting or maintaining weight it comes and goes in spurts. (which i guess should be expected)
i recently cut from about 235 to my current weight and had to readjust my training maxes. i haven’t plateaued yet since the adjustment

I’m just curious if there is a good way to find which methods work best for me without hopping on each one and coming to a conclusion after another 4 years