Am I Doing this Right? Amount of Protein Ok?

This is all new to me. So I was 161lbs but quite skinny and had a bit of a belly and struggled to gain any muscle. I decided to start working out and take protein powder to help me. I’ve been doing 200 crunches per day and lifting weights and some cardio every day and using protein powder that says it delivers 35g of protein in a 50g serving, I have been having 2 servings per day plus protein from food which equals around 120g per day. I have noticed some growth in biceps and my belly is getting flatter and firmer but I am now only 152lbs. So I have lost weight. I don’t really know if what I’m doing is correct though. I mean I feel great but I’m concerned that I’m lossing weight and I would like to see better gains. Any help please.

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If you’re trying to gain weight, eat more food. If you’re trying to lose weight, eat less food.

Try to get more of your protein in from meals, rather than protein shakes. I aim for 270g protein daily and not more than 25g of that comes from protein shakes. (Not saying you need to aim for this number, just using it for perspective)

Eat more meat. Chicken, fish and lean pork all have pretty dense protein stores.

Oh, and good work losing weight so far!

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That’s the dream! I don’t know that I’d change anything.

If you do, though, this is a simple test and always holds true:


You might need to identify your goal right now. Do you want to lose the belly or gain weight (muscle)?

You’d be fine with 150ish grams of protein each day regardless of your goal. Real food is best, but if you find yourself falling short, then add the protein shakes.

You didn’t list any specifics to your training, but that needs to be geared towards your goal. It sounds like you want more muscle so hopefully you’re training in a way to support that. The crunches are neat and all but you’re probably training muscular endurance for your abs. If you like them, keep them. If not, then they’re not necessary. Cardo is good but only if it doesn’t get in the way of goal #1.

Gaining muscle is a slow crawl so expect to put in months of effort for small gains. You just have to keep going.

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Red meat and pasture eggs >

I won’t downplay either of the two, they just aren’t as dense as chicken breast and most fish. Both are still good options though

A ribeye not as dense…? Fish is way too light unless its legit wild salmon. Fatty and rich. Nutrient density much higher in grass fed beef and good eggs too.

Sorry, i meant as in protein density. Ribeye has tons of protein, but it’s near 1:1 protein to fat… not really maintainable unless you’re keto.

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Exactly. Its perfect :grimacing:.

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I used to rely on 3 shakes a day (40g per serving) but got it down to 2 shakes and now down to 1 shake. I am 100% better feeling /looking from switching up my nutrition and making sure i eat proper food rather than just shakes etc.

For me the key is always to have a few options that still hit my macros, a good normal option and a quick in a rush option. But the reality is my nutrition is now built around foods that it should have been ages ago:

Breakfast - Eggs, egg whites & milk (lactose free milk)
Snacks - tinned tuna, chicken breast, yoghurt (lactose free in my case)
Lunch - Chicken breasts, chops, steaks any meat really
Dinner - fish or chicken or meat of any kind (like to switch it up each day)

Then make sure you eat lots of green things and get your carbs right but i’d really urge you to move away from protein power and only use it as a supplement.