Am I Doing This Correctly?

I started loading creatine, and Whey recently. I am a whopping 152Lbs, but I am pretty ripped. I tuned my workout to a 6 split, but I feel like I am taking in too much protein for this day on day off. Am I doing this correctly? I used to dose androstine when I was in highschool almost 15 years ago with superb results.

I have changed up my routine twice since starting to focus seriously on body building. My intent is to gain about 25LBs before I finish my deployment in about 5 months, and gain atleast 6 inches on my arms and about 6-8 on my legs…more is fine, but I want this to come as a majority natural based method, and lean.

Are you doing what correctly?

You specify no solid details.

And you aren’t going to get 6 inches from 25 lbs.

Well, am I arranging the workout to meet the intake? Also, how cna I gain 6 inches…This is the beginners section, so I am seeking workable solutions and suggestions. I’m not quite certain how to balance the supplements.

Arranging the workouts to meet what intake? You said you are taking creatine and drinking whey. I guess if you weight 152lbs and you want to gain, start eating 3000 cals a day to start, with at least 152g protein. I’m not sure if that’s what you mean by intake.

As far as the workouts, you could be doing a good workout 6 days a week and not progress if you aren’t eating enough. Post your routine for critiques.

And for 6 inches… I think I’ve read an inch is equivalent to about 10lbs… so you’d need be probably gain 60lbs to gain 6 inches… just a guestimate.

breakfast everyday
6 meals a day
3,000 cals total
at least 152g protein total
at least 30 grams protein per meal
protein + carbs around workouts
eat healthy fats, take fish oil

weigh yourself in 2 wks. if you havent gained, eat a lot more. if you have eat more anyways.

Thanks , that is the kid of feedback I was looking for. I appreciate it, and I noticed with my career that I do more often tend not to eat breakfast…