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Am I Doing Things Right?


Hi everyone I know this topic comes up thousands of times but I just wanna know if my current regime is gonna see me make substantial gains both in strength and size. My current program is 5x5 stronglifts which I have just started following sort of just messing around with weights for a year.

I am sticking to the 3 exercises per workout (eg.Squat/OHP/Deadlift), I'm eating around 3000 calories a day mostly clean and I get roughly 5-7 hours sleep a night. I guess all I want to know is will this current regime see me make good gains or is there other factors I should also be taking into account? Thanks in advance, all criticisms welcome :slight_smile:


You’ll be just fine if you are eating enough, sleeping enough and putting in the effort. Those three are things that are completely individual and that you’ll need to figure out for yourself.

There is no magic program that will get you jacked/strong/ripped/whatever.

Good luck man.


Thanks man! Glad you could help, just gotta stick with it for a while I guess!


Well how much do you weigh right now? Need to know this to answer your calorie question.


Dont get into details, stick to what Gregron has already said, lift as hard as possibly-sleep alot - eat alot, if you start to get a little fat, slow up. Dont get things complicated, and only take advice from people that look like you want to look, this will help seperate crap and confusion. tap on Gregrons avatar, and youll see he knows what he`s talking about.

Get in the habit of doing that, and to listening to people that have acomplished somthing. Goodluck


Eat the same thing, or almost the same thing daily.

Plan in advance

Prepare your food

Always have an extra shake and nuts and rice cake with you in the case you can’t get your next regular meal in time

Learn to track your calories, carbs, prots, fats. It doesnt matter which website you go to in order to get your nutritional infos but then stick to that website for the food you are eating

Take pics and measurements every 2-4weeks to evaluate progress and adjust

Know that the “problem” is most likely related to your eating/recovery and not the training itself when you are not getting the results you want

When a bodypart is lagging, then its training/genetic related

Don’t get fat.


Thanks a lot for the advice everyone it’s much appreciated! Will take everything that has been said into account