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Am I Doing the Right Thing Here?


I don't know...

I have been on HRT for about 6 months now and ....I don't know...I'm having second thoughts.

My regemine is test cyp 100mg/wk
HGH 1.2 iu 5/2
Thyroid 2 gr ed
Dhea 150 mg ed
HCG 250 eod

I'm 34. I don't know, I feel like what if I'm making the wrong decisions with this ..Do I want to be on this for the rest of my life... Money is not an issue but What if for some reason I have to come off after a few years for whatever reason and I've now cut off my bodys own ability to sustain itself.

Am I overdoing it? I am very athletic and like to stay in shape. Never done steroids or anything like that in the past.

The good side that I keep telling myself is that before this My test was at 300 and I felt horrible all the time, anxiety etc. NOW nothing except energy, no anxiety, confidence etc.

SO I tell myself that it is OK, its natural, I'm making myself more healthy. I have dropped weight, and gained muscle and feel better. I tell myself IF I had to I could come off everything except the test and still be healthy. I just feel like I'm setting myself up to get hammered. Could I...should I pull this off for 50 more years god willing? 50 MORE YEARS?

I dont know man.

Anybody ever feel this way?