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Am I Doing The Right Program?


As a beginner, I was just wondering if the superhero program is right for me? Im currently 190 standing at 5'6". Anyone have a suggestion to a better program that will help me lean out some more?


What is the superhero program? Do you have a link?

Also- we don't know nearly enough about you to offer you any sort of advice. Describe what "fairly new" means.


CT mentions in the interview that it is not how he would train an average bodybuilder. There is not nearly enough leg work, and which as a beginner, you definetly need more of.


For beginner males without any health problems or major injuries I start them on a power four program.

Chest & Tri
Back & Bi
Shoulders & Arms

Other experienced people and other trainers have their own perfectly valid and perhaps better ideas so feel free to use theirs as well. From my experience this has always worked pretty well.


Do a search for fat to fire or 10x3 for fatloss


Whats your body-fat at. Gives us a full overview of all your stats. Also, tell us your goals.


Look at Chad Waterbury's "Big Boy Basics" article (search for it on this forum).


Can someone help me find whats my body fat percentage?


Do you have a shoe handy?


If you're 5'6 190 pounds and new to weight lifting it's a lot. You can have a 6 site caliper test done but it is only accurate if done by someone that knows what they're doing. CT and Berardi recommend just using those caliper measurements to track weight loss progress. I would say you're in the 20 percent range at least but that's a wild guess without seeing a picture of you.

To focus on fat loss, do a Lifting for Fat Loss type program (search) and eat 500-1000 cals under maintenance of clean foods. You'll probably need around 2500 cals a day if you're relatively active--again just a guess. Do research as you diet to avoid analysis paralysis--don't go too low in cals and eat often or else your metabolism will crash and so will you.

Expect to lose a pound or two of fat per week max--less as you get to 12 or 14 percent (starting to see 6 pack). I'm cutting now too, from 205 pounds, 13% down to under 10% in the next couple months. I had a bod pod test recently for around $50 to accurately determine my percentage--it's an easier alternative to water submersion.

Besides training hard, you must get your macro-nutrient intake in order as well as timing--read all the Berardi you can. GOod luck.