Am I doing the hip slide on the high bar squat too? What's wrong with me?

Hello. I posted another video of my low bar squat in another thread and asked about my hips sliding back and how to correct.

One of the bros at the gym today (not trainer guy) said my shoulders are too tight to get into the proper low bar squat position, and my problems would be solved with the high bar, which I did (although I prefer the low bar, honestly).

I dare not post a high bar squat on that other forum whose initials are SS, out of fear of being run off the site on a rail. However, I was hoping to get some feedback from the forum here, which tends to be helpful and constructive, and not destructive.

Attached below is the video. To me, it looks like I am still doing the hip slide back. Now I am not sure if it’s just my body, my technique, or my shoulders are just as tight on the high bar, and no matter what I do will not fix the hip thing.

For the record, trainer guy was in the gym again and now said it’s not only my shoulders (I asked), but my entire thoracic spine is way too tight, and I should roll it with this double softball thing that’s duct taped together (looks like a peanut). I dutifully did that, but I am not sure if it made a difference. I hope my squat days are not over and I am not destined for trainer guy’s typical workouts with his clients on the one-legged bosu and 5 lb curls.


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