Am I Doing Something Wrong?

OK, Ive been doing the Waterbury 10X3 workout for about 2 weeks. Im 31 and weight about 190 when I started with about 22-23% body fat. I am taking about 175-200 grams of protein a day and creatine and daily caloric is around 2200-2300. I do feel better but my overall weight has gone up to 195-196. Should I be concerned this early on?

I am consuming a shit load of fluids…could it be water weight? Am I doing something wrong? I just hate the way I look right now. Feel like I am busting my ass and not getting any where. I know I should have patience but…just want to make sure Iam not doing something wrong. Opinions?

have you put on more fat than muscle?

No Id say Ive put on some more muscle. I was just thinking with the HIIT training Ive been doing at the end of workouts that I would have drop some scale weight by now. Im not hugely concerned, it just seems strange to me with my caloric intake where it is. I am planning on lifting pretty heavy for the next 4-6 weeks before I start a real cutting program but just thought I would start droping some lbs by now.

Recalculate your totals for your diet and adjust accordingly…your protein intake looks a little low to me but I don’t know what method you are using. Also, are you eating enough vegetables and greens? How is your water intake? Sleep schedule?

First off, don’t worry so much about scale weight. It’s a basic concept, but one that bears repeating; muscle weighs more than fat. Let the mirror be your judge. If your body composition is improving, don’t worry about weight gain.

Also, creatine will add weight to you. It will store more water in your cells and in your digestive tract.

Are you doing something wrong? Give it two more weeks and see. If you aren’t getting stronger, seeing more muscle, and losing some fat, than yeah, you might be doing something wrong. But stick through it, and after a month of a program, if you aren’t making any progress, it is time to reevaluate.