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Am I Doing It All Wrong?


Hey guys

I strated dieting to loose fat by reducing by carbs every week!
I came down from 74.5 kgs to 71.8
But the fat around abdomen is not goin
Am i doing something wrong ?


Your genetics dictate where the fat comes off and usually the abdomen is the last to go. Just keep gradually going down and it will eventually go away.


What does your diet actually look like?
How many carbs are you eating?
How are you training?
Are you doing conditioning work?
Are you male or female (158lbs is pretty small for a guy, which is why I ask)


Did you follow this:


Or this:


Or this:


You can’t spot-reduce bodyfat. Like @Furius said the fat around the stomach is usually last to go.


Thanks for the reply
I used non of them i mean steroids
N yeah i changed my diet n carbs are focused mainly before and after workout
75 grams n protein is 192 grams
My height is 5"9’
N yeah im not that huge


nobody mentioned steroids. what are you talking about?


It’s from one of his old threads that I linked.


What does your training and conditioning look like?

Read this:


sorry for late rply
if i remain in cal defecit and keep the carbs around workout will that help out
i wanna knw about carb cycle can u help ?