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Am I Doing HIIT Correctly?


So im trying to get down to under 300 lbs, which is where I start to get really comfortable running sprints on the track without stressing my joints. So most of my HIIT workouts are done on machines at the gym and it goes as follows…

10 mins on stair master 1 min on 5 and 1 min on 10 for 10 min then

10 min on elyptical 1 min keep it at about 5 mph and 1 min over 10 mph for 10 min then

for 20 mins 1 min walk on treadmill, 1 min sprint on 8, 1 min jumprope, 1 min kettlebell swings

Do that for 3 sets and then ending on 1 min sprint on the 19 min mark and walk till 20 min mark

…is this optimum for fat loss or do I need to tone it down?


That’s not HIIT.
A session of HIIT would be about a five minute warm-up, 20 seconds at 100% intensity, 40 seconds recovery, repeated 10 times or so, followed up with a five minute cooldown. During those 20 seconds, you’ve got a bust your ass and give it your all. There’s no way you should be able the last one minute doing something truly HIIT.


Dually noted…thanks man.