Am I Denaturing my WPI???

So for the last couple weeks of my new diet I get up and do my cardio on an empty stomach at 5am. After I am done I go home and eat 50g of hot oatmeal along with 60g of protein (WPI) in my shake. Now, I’ve read many articles on denatured proteins and how amino’s are lost as well as the structure of the protein changes. I usually drink down my shake while I’m preping the oatmeal and I eat the oatmeal within 5 minutes of drinking the shake. My question is will the heat of the oatmeal denature the protein to the point where it would be more effective to wait a substantial amount of time between consuming my food? If so which would be best to take in first, and how long should I wait before I eat the other form of food?

No, I’m sure it’s fine. You’d probably have to cook it (the protein) for a long time for that to occur. I mix my Grow! right into my steaming oatmeal. Good stuff!

I think your fine. I actually mix my protein with my hot oatmeal after cooking. I was worried about the same thing and sent in a question to T-mag asking the same thing. They said as long as you don’t cook the oatmeal with the protein in it, your fine.

Genetech…you’re good-to-go, buddy. Assuming that you’re drinking the shake. If you’re mixing the protein powder in with the oatmeal, then nuking it, that’s when the denaturing might occur…even then I’m not sure. But you’re in the clear, the way I’m reading into it.