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Am I Crazy?

i have 625 mgs of dbol, 750 mgs of zambon winny, and m1test andro. i have had good results from the m1test and can relate it to test.

  1. my plan is to run m1test for 6 weeks
  2. run the dbol for about 4 weeks to start
  3. start the winny during week three for about 4 weeks
  4. use nolva or clomid for pct.

I have access to more gear but would rather stay away.
should i make more purchases?
Is using m1test a bad idea?
Any advice is appreciated

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i was not aware of the toxicity of m1test.
i am 29 years old and have been training for about 15 years.

im looking to get in shape for summer and i have had this gear for a couple of years, it expires in 2006.

i would rather not spend money but i will if i feel it is necessary.

for pct i will use about 25 nolvadex tabs front loading the first week and tapering off the rest of the month.

should i invest in a T or deca for the dbol? equipoise or a T for the winny? i would like to run them consecutively ending with the winny. please give me your opinion?

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Bushboy gave you some good ideas if will buy some more gear. However if you are stuck on using what you have. I would say for go the dbol right now and run the winny and M1T together.
You have enough winny for 15days at 50mg ed, run this in the morning and then take 10mg ed of M1T before bed. Even though this is only a day past 2 weeks it should be enough to put some decent size on or to cut up depending on your eating.
Then if you want you can latter run the Prop and Dbol cycle that Bushboy put up for you.
Get Big.

M1t is probably just as harsh as anadrol. I’ve seen numerous people’s bloodwork after taking it and it’s usually not to pretty. I wouldn’t run the cycle you proposed. AT ALL.

Jack many have done higher doses of anadrol and had no problems. I have done a few short cycles of M1T and it never really gave me any real problems except for a little lathergy if I took it for more than 2 weeks at a time or if I changed mg amounts mid cycle. I took as much as 30mg ed for 2 weeks and had no sides at all till I dropped the dose for the third week. Even then it only made me tired.
But I do agree that this drug is no joke. I would suggest cranberry extrac and some form of liver detox to anyone using any oral steroid.