Am I Crazy? Are These Quality Foods?

Not only do the nuggets have no sugar, but they have 10 grams of white meat protein.I realize that they might be processed, but they don’t even have that much saturated fat.

Here’s another for you…

Now I realize that the “protein” this cereal contains is probably all soy. But I am really liking the ratios here. If it’s late and I’m hungry I’ll have some just because it’s low carb, it contains some fiber, and it has protein in it. Yes it’s “Soy”, but it all tastes so damn good!

Feedback? Or… does anyone have one that others might are skeptical about?

For some reason that site keeps crashing Internet Explorer for me, causing me to lose what I’ve typed here before I’ve finished the post. This has happened to me before with that site.

From memory then from 2 crashes previously, the macronutrient composition was approximately 58% of non-fiber calories were from fat, 22% from non-fiber carbs, and 20% from protein.

And you’d have to consume something like 820 cal (not the exact figure) to get an example protein intake of 40 g.

Not what I would call “quality” personally.

I go with the BK Grilled Chicken Salad, no cheese, no croutons, no dressing. It would be nice if the amount of chicken were just a bit more, but it isn’t. On the other hand one can use it as an opportunity to take some dessicated liver tablets, thus increasing the protein amount by 7 g or so.

I wasn’t able to pull up the Special K nutritional information without crashing IE. No doubt others can do it, but what with the high quality of Microsoft software resulting from a billion-plus dollars per year in research (as compared to the quality of certain software produced for free out of people’s personal industriousness) IE doesn’t work properly in all situations or anything like it, nor could I name the Microsoft product that does.

Everytime I look at the nutritional facts of chicken mcnuggets, I hope they change. They don’t. They have way too little protein to be a “quality food”. Special K, which I also love with a passion, is also pretty much crap for bodybuilding.

just because the numbers look ok to you (not to me) doesnt make it a good food. what else do they put in there?? what kind of quality is the food?? how processed?? not worth it to me.

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