Am I Close to My Genetic Limit?

Hi guys, I’m 24 and I’ve been training now for around 9 years pretty solidly. However about 4 months ago I had a rotator cuff operation after damaging it playing rugby. During pre and post OPP I lost a lot of muscle. However I’ve recovered quite well and it’s all piled back on since and I’m near enough back to where I was ( give or take a couple lb ) and my strength is a little off ( as you would expect )

My stats are as follows ;
5ft 8 or 173cm
14st 3lb or 200lb

I’d have a guess and say I’m around 18-20% body fat so I’m not really lean, however my abs are still kicking about there a little!
Being lean really isn’t my goal currently, I’d love to get 15st+ before I eventually cut however.

I’m all natural currently however I’m considering my first cycle this year

Translation… you have zero idea what your percentage is…[quote=“cdymz, post:1, topic:226385”]
I’ve been training now for around 9 years pretty solidly

Training for what specifically? Its hard to judge if you have a reached your genetic potential in that time frame unless your training has been specifically geared towards a specific goal.

Your pre injury strength level was?

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200lbs at 5’8" would be your genetic limit if you were 5% bodyfat. It’seems okay that you’re carrying bodyfat but consider:

Frank Zane competed at 185lbs contest condition 5’9", he used AAS.

CT is about your height, IDK his weight but it’s >200lbs I think. He’s 5’8".

Your genetic limit is kind of irrelevant. Are you looking for permission to use AAS from Internet strangers? You didn’t list your lifts or post pics. Why? You’re in the UK if you’re talking about stone weight, AAS is kind of legal there.

Most sources say to not use AAS unless you’re under say 15% bodyfat. Remember that every pound of fat means more aromatase enzyme converting your drugs to estrogen. Which means you need more AI.

200 lbs at 5’8" with 5% would be achieved with drugs, not naturally. :grinning:


Easy. That’s CT you’re talking about. He’s 20lbs heavier than Zane and 5lbs heavier than Nubret in contest shape and claims natural status.

Given genetic variability it is possible… though unlikely.

Your genetic limit is when you stop growing. Since most of us never want to stop, and refuse to be told we are doing so, fuck a genetic limit. Just keep training hard and eating.


I don’t think there’s ever been a competitive natural bodybuilder stage ready at 5% and 200 lbs and 5’8". I’ve never seen one and the competitors I know have never seen one either.

I don’t recall CT saying he’s natural. I recall him saying otherwise. Also, previous roid use gives a lasting advantage.


Highly unlikely. What was your max bench and deadlift?


do you look like a professional bodybuilder? If not, then probably not.


As we forum-vets know, most of these threads basically boil down to this:

Gains are slowing down or have stalled.

Instead of considering that maybe it’s time to train harder, train smarter, train differently, examine diet for improvement - OP thinks they are nearing “genetic limit” and want someone to tell them they’re ready for steroids.

I’m not necessarily anti-steroid; the decision to use AAS is ultimately your own. However, don’t base it on some nonsensical “I’m X height and Y pounds after training for Z years, so I must be at my genetic limit” based on the replies of Internet strangers.


Pretty sure CT isn’t 5’8.

I’m 5’8 and my heaviest stage weight (if you wanna throw around single digit body fat levels) was 178 lbs.

The best WNBF pros I’ve seen who weigh 200 lbs in condition are all around 6’ tall.



That’s definitively false. He claims that he has no recent history of steroid usage. He has specifically stated that he used in the past, and if I remember correctly, it was in preparation for a bodybuilding show.

You can only be natty once. You don’t get to go back.

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True, he actually wrote that he has used a few times inn his muscle migration article.