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Am I Carb Back Loading Right?


Hey guys!

So I did some readings on Carb back loading, and love what I hear as it fits my schedule perfectly. I thought id start it up, and would like to see if im doing it right + get some questions I have, answered.

7am wake up
- coffee with 2tsp of cream
- drive to work

- 6oz steak strips
-1/2 cup of green peppers

-6oz steak
-4 egg whites

-protein shake
-handful of nuts, yo (almonds)

i train around 530 so here ill have 1 cup of oats mixed with a little bit of protein powder for flavor

This is where i wanna incorporate Plazma. Not sure what the dosage to use before/pre/post, so please help me out :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:

-Plazma or protein shake with banana? do tell, fellow tests.

hour after workout;

Potatoes or rice or sweet potato with some type of meat and veggies.

before bed;
not sure what to consume here to be honest?

Ok so before this, i was basically eating rice and chicken all fucking day, everyday. So this is a huge step for me. Im 6 foot tall, 235lbs. Am I on the right track? what should i adjust/fix? Does carb back loading care about calorie intake at all?

Please rape and pillage this post. Id like to get a good grasp on this so I can demolish dem gainz.


I’ve eaten this way for awhile and over the course of the past two years have molded it into a diet that works pretty well for me. I think first of all you need to expect that period, with this or any diet approach, where you dial things in and figure out how to make it work for you.

Nothing glaringly bad about what you have planned, but for me that level of meal frequency is not necessary. During the day you’re eating every two hours basically. If that’s your preference that’s fine, but given the same macro breakdown, i don’t think meal frequency matters much, so if it’s convenient you might just eat what you need to eat in two feedings during the day.

In terms of the pre-workout carbs, i’d play with this and see if you need it. You’re already planning to use a carb drink during the session. You can start sipping on this during your warmup, so you might not need the extra carbs beforehand, especially if you’re not super lean. In terms of dosage for your intra-workout drink, Plazma or whatever, i’d start with label recs and adjust from there.

In terms of the immediate pre-bed feeding, assuming it’s a couple hours after dinner, i’d go with a slow protein with low carbs and low/moderate fat, something like cottage cheese. Again, i’d play with this, but this is what i usually do. Greek yogurt might be another good option here.

A final tip, I’d read some of Borge Faegerli’s material, particularly the “Biorhythm Diet”. He tends to describe a lot of the same dieting concepts as Kiefer in a simpler and more accessible way. This has been really helpful to me.

I’d also understand up front that your calories and macros still matter. In fact, they’re the most important factor in your diet. Nutrient timing can give a small advantage, and you’re trying to take advantage of this by shifting fat to early in the day, and carbs to the post-workout period. People may say this is stupid since any advantage of doing this is relatively minor, but then these same people will pay for supplements that AT BEST will confer some miniscule benefit over a short period of time, and will more likely do little to nothing. If you want to get good at something, a lot of your time is going to be spent trying to accrue small advantages and this is one way of doing that.

Good luck.


Hmm ok, i see what you are saying.


So basically, figure out my macros/caloric needs to bulk up, and keep the carbs just for post workout while consuming the protein and fats before?


[quote]HGHfoosball wrote:
So basically, figure out my macros/caloric needs to bulk up, and keep the carbs just for post workout while consuming the protein and fats before?[/quote]

That’s probably a little bit of an oversimplification, but your diet may end up being some derivative of that idea.

You’re gonna have to get your hands dirty and see what works. Start out with some numbers, maybe use the Harris-Benedict or Mifflin-St. Jeor formulas to get a calorie total to shoot for, keep carbs low (maybe 20-30 grams total) in the early part of the day, saving them for post workout. Play with your protein/fat split early in the day.

It’s not likely your starting point will be perfect, but it gives you a jumping off point and then you make adjustments.

There are a number of good macro calculators on the web, do a little searching. They should give you good numbers to start out with. Obviously, you’re going to have to track your diet for a little while for this to really work.


The problem is you are following two different philosophies. Plazma (follow the directions on the label) is pre and during, carb back loading is, well, after. You might want to consider Surge Recovery (the autor actually recommends whey/casein hydrolysate). You can even sip during your workout (again, recommended by the author). It’s exactly the product for this diet. Or, keep it to a bowl of fruit loops and some protein?!

As for the morning, I always had some MAG-10 or BCAA’s. I have tried the not eating in the morning for a month and felt awful for a month. I wasn’t working for me. Besides, I always take the dogs for a walk in the morning and prefer to have something in my body for that 30-60 minutes walk.

As for the rest of the diet:

  1. Shift calories to later in the day, eating lighter in the
    morning and early afternoon, and feast at night. This
    may include skipping breakfast.
  2. Keep carbs at an absolute minimum throughout the
    day until training.
  3. Train in the afternoon, at around 5pm or so.
  4. Start ingesting carbs after your training session, up to
    30 minutes later.
  5. Continue eating carbs throughout the night.

I will assume (sigh) that you have actually read the manual… right?

And before bed, protein. Whatever you want. Protein.

But seriously, re read the manual and let me know which page you are stuck on (from which version) and I’ll help you along. Not reading the manual and hoping to get enough instructions on the internet is ludicrous.