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Am I Beast? Part 2


I recently figured out that I can do 10 weighted dips with a 70 pound dumbbell. Now this was at the very end of my workout.

Am I beast?


135x10 here, sorry.


I did weighted dips with 115 pounds around my waist Wednesday, then again I weigh less than you.


You weigh less then me and you did ten reps with 115 pounds?

I think you're the beast!


That's less weight for me to push though. It's a lot easier for smaller guys to do weighted dips/pullups than for big guys, so kudos.


Humanimal or Manimal maybe... but beast is pushin it




"Beast" is a relative term. Do you feel like a beast? If so, then you are and fuck what everyone else does/thinks!

Good Job!


Many 17-year olds with ILS seem to have the same mindframe


I can pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time! -lol



All while doing one armed weighted dips? Go Stu!


But that's unpossible!!


Well, I've got a "protein deficiency" -lol
(reference other thread about clueless competitor if you're not laughing)



You try too hard. And I'm not talking about your efforts in the gym.


Are you yoked?


Lol, I'm actually starting to like these threads.


You can usually point out a protein deficiency by the face and neck bone.


The only person I seen do better than you is Alpha with 180 x 3.


LOL @ the 1-uppers.

Keep up the good work OP!


I can squat 400x10 while standing on hot coals and wearing skinny jeans. Is that good?