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Am I At Fault for Training Clients 1-on-1/1-on-3?

So Aus recently closed gyms.

Since I work as a PT, I’ve done some advertising for 1-on-1 to 1-on-3 training in parks or people’s gardens. I’m still applying sanitation guidelines, cleaning my equipment daily, staying 1.5-2m at least away from clients, providing hand sanitizer and have even considered using gloves, yet I’m being crucified online.

Am I at fault? The way I see it, I’m having no more interpersonal contact than a cashier or fast-food worker would, and I’m charging the bare minimum I can to afford fuel and textbooks for uni.

Also I see 1 to 3 clients per day, tops

Hey j4gga2,
My trainer has organised a “private” training studio in an industrial area close to the gym he normally works out of. I trained today at 11am and there was only 3 of us in the gym, and honestly at most times there would have been 5 or 6m between us.
I see no problem with continuing training at this private studio he is organising, because it will be one on one, and cleanliness is on us… clean up after yourself… shower before and after training…
Honestly I think there is less risk doing this, than going to a supermarket…
I think what you are doing is even better, as its out doors, and/or in your clients homes…
Where you from mate?? City or state?? I’m in Sydney…

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I’m in Brisbane, where things are slowly getting more and more locked-down.

Qld gov just released a clarification that PT’s can’t run sessions outdoors or in-residence, so I guess I’m out of a job for a while… :confused:

Oh well, things could be worse

Yeah ok, I haven’t heard that as yet…

Its crazy though, I’m in construction, and the Gov is still allowing work to continue?? I know they are trying to keep the bulk of the workforce employed, but a group of sweaty guys on a building site, is really no different to a bunch of sweaty guys training in a park??

It is what it is though…

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My thoughts exactly, but I guess shutting gyms down is just removing one more potential site of infection. It isn’t perfect but I do understand why it has to be done

Yes and no. A lot of trainers and yoga studios are running virtual classes/sessions via Zoom, IGTV, Facebook Live, etc.

You could try putting something like that together and getting it out there for current clients, their friends, prospective clients, whoever.


Yes and No. It kinda defeats the purpose of staying at home, but if you have a service to provide and people are paying you to show up to their house, I don’t see any harm in that. But then again, if you or they have the virus (and with no testing and people carrying it asymptomatically, who knows?) people are still at risk.

My barber is going to be making a housecall since she’ll be out of work during this time. Unlike her, you have the option for home workouts via zoom and it saves you commute time.


Devil’s advocate reply:

Are you sure they are adequate?

And between clients?


And people know how to use it properly? It can still be a transmission vector if they touch it afterwards.

Important knowledge if you do:

Their services are deemed essential

Let’s say you have it, and haven’t started showing symptoms yet. You can potentially give it to 6 people then before starting to show symptoms. Do they have families that they live with? If they have gardens, I’m assuming “yes”. Will they see other people outside of their families within two days of catching it from you? How many do you reckon they might spread it to? Will they go to the store and touch stuff and maybe not put it in their shopping cart leaving a virus payload for the next customer?

Weigh the above risks against this


Cheers for your feedback. You’re right, I definitely could be more stringent with sanitation.

Govt. Came out today and explicitly said we can run outdoor sessions provided the social distancing protocols are followed

Yeah I definitely should try and figure this out. I’m genuinely uncertain of how good of a service I can provide online, which is my main problem.

Would anyone have any tips on how to run an online session well?

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@MarkKO said it well,

My country has ordered very little during this whole ordeal leaving people to use their own best judgement. It’s not going particularly well.


Federal or local? I’d get clarification on who has jurisdiction so you don’t run into issues.

As for social media, listen to those who have credentials to speak on the matter (your health authorities) and not idiots who have fallen ass backwards into some information and have an opinion (anyone on social media who you can’t verify as an expert).

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My gym closed down and my coach is having me train with bodyweight exercises. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about paying a powerlifting coach to program me air squats and stuff that would be typically warmup.

But also props to your clients for making some way to work with you during this time.

Look at it as paying them to still be there when this is all over.


Yeah thats what Im thinking. I pay much lower than other people because I’m grandfathered in

Federal government, but they’ve changed their stance 4 times since Sunday

Luckily my clients are all gen-pop, so body weight is plenty

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Sorry, just getting back to this. It’d kinda depend on whether you want to keep an individual approach and customize videos to each client/semi-private group or just put out a “general” workout anyone could use.

In either case, it’d probably be simplest to perform the full workout yourself as a follow-along (what I’ve seen yoga studios do around here) or at least a few reps of each exercise, explaining that the client should do X reps for Y sets with Z rest and talking through technique cues during the reps (so a 45-minute workout could turn into just a couple minutes of video).

It’s been a week though. How’s the situation changed by you?

The whole thing is kind of a joke, don’t jeopardize anything for it, do what you want and don’t get caught in the mass hysteria

This is literally the dumbest, most irresponsible advice I’ve ever seen on this site.


Are you sure that you know what you know or are you just some self righteous old man?
Stop being influenced by the hysteria