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Am I an Asshole?


Yes. I am.


9 months...364 pages. I call BS...no Ranger has that kind of attention span.


I heard of something like this: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,312018,00.html

j/k. honestly it depends on HOW BIG of a d-bag this guy is.


who hasnt done this? I'm doing it currently on facebook with some random dude lol


I am a dude lololol



Pics/ tits or i don't believe.


Back when I played online FPS games (quake), there was this one guy who pretended to be a girl for YEARS.

However, he didn't do it because he was "messing with some douchebags", he was doing it for the attention. I think it even went as far as cybersex. Eventually he was caught, he was a real sad lonley dude.

9 months is kind of a long time bro...


Wow. What happened to using your time to try and... uh.. get laid?


wow hey cool story bro.





^ Is the guy it happened to


I'm not convinced the other guy is the douchebag.




^^ True story is, OP got screwed because I made a fake facebook with a picture of a douchebag... I'm his ex, and I wanted him to waste 364 pages of his life away. I made his friends convince him to publish a book, and later I will publicly humiliate his ass by revealing my real identity.

Anyway, Magnar... You have problems. You let a "tool douchebag" get under your skin, and it doesn't even sound like he did anything to you directly. You laughed at a screen while you were messing with someone - sick. Maybe once or twice, it could be understood because you are immature, but you're freaking passive aggressive. You started it. Ok. You should've stopped. "Some friends" egged you on? I don't care, they're equally immature. Your real question is should you send it to him or publish a book about you being a dick? What do you want us to say? Good job, brah, for messing with a tool. You da man!!111!


lot of time on your hands thats for sure


Your seat in Hell sir, right net to the log of despair...




I can't speak on the other guy but you, OP, sound pretty sad and may want to invest in a life. Like FightinIrish26 suggested, you may also want to get laid. For Christ sakes, even just rub one out. You may be marginally less twat-like.

In summary, yes, you are an asshole.


Yes you are an asshole. I didn't read your post though. What is this tread about?


thats alot of time and effort to spend messing with someone....