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Am I an asshole for this??

like it says

Its a pet peave of mine, but I wouldnt lay the smack down to anyone about it. Unless it was something like, some jerk wearing a save the whales shirt just to get laid by whale loving girls.

Oh, a geek for sure. An asshole, looks that way now. Oh well, my mom tells me I’m cool!! heh, heh. I didn’t mean all brands and logos specifically though as there are a lot of brands and logos out there that are mass marketed for everybody like Nike, or Tommy or GAP whatever etc… etc… but there are certain things I guess that hold a hmmm how should I say this…cult status I guess. Everyone on this forum should understand about cult status as I find felow T-maggers to be a great group of funny, insightful and should I say sarcastic of people.
So fellow T-maggers let me use this as a comparison to get your understanding. If you were in the gym or anywhere for that matter and someone had on their “testosterone or T-nation” shirt and you were like “cool I love TESTOSTERONE, they kick ass!” and the person replied “what are you talking about?” wouldn’t you at least think maybe not say it but at least think “idiot” in your head? Normally I propably would not have said anything, but it was my birthday so I figured I was allowed to be a dick that day.
I am not saying someone should know absolutely everything about everything they wear, but some things out there do have cult followings, and I guess we don’t take it lightly when we see someone cashing in on something that we take personally. As for the example of the bad shirt , well if you at least listen to the band then wear it, but if you are walking around wearing a RAMONES shirt, I hope you at least listen to them, if you have no idea who they are, then why would you wear it??
As far as making fun of comic collecting , have at it. This geek currently weighs in at 226 at 10 percent bodyfat. Oh. and funny enough that nowadays comic book heroes have more aesthetically pleasing physiques than the distended crap we’ve been seeing in the pro ranks.

Cool, I am not so much of an asshole to admit that I was wrong. I asked for unbiased opinion from all of you who weren’t there and yes I was an asshole. Cool, okay lesson learned. All very good points. As far as me jumping down his throat, I didn’t super-freak and rage at the guy and threaten him like some peole who replied seem to think I did. That aside, I have apologized to this person as of about 5 minutes ago after getting his number from one of the girls at the table that oh so dark evening.

226 at 10% makes you even more of an asshole lashing out at someone for a shirt they were wearing.

Holy crap, you are one insightful bastard!! It was weird, after I apologized to the guy, a couple of the girls called and were like " Hey I thnk it’s really cool you called and apologized, that took a lot to admit you were wrong" I didn’t get a date or anything as I wasn’t trying to. The single life is fine right as training is my current priority now , and I work quite a bit (see what’s everyone do thread for that).

Okay. I understand. Despite that, you did come off as a “pissy fanboy”. And I am a geek. A comic book collecting and reading, film loving, geek. And a martial arts geek. I see alot of people wearing t-shirts or sweatshirts with Bruce Lee’s face emblazoned on them. Do I approach these people and ask them, “What is Bruce Lee’s best film?” , “do you know of anything of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do theory?”. No. Cuz, it ain’t no "biggee.

Ko has a t-shirt that has "Columbia" in big bold letters on the front. Does this mean he went to Columbia University? Nope. It meant that Goodwill had a nice big bin of t-shirts for .25cents a piece and that t-shirt had the least amount of holes in it. I even wear it. And I didn't go to Columbia University either.

So, knowing this about us, does this lower our credibility? Nope. Just means we know where to shop. I'm taking this thread (YOUR issue) lightly, cuz it should be taken that way. Dude, lighten up.

Yep, you’re an idiot who acted like an asshole. Who gives a flying fuck about a shirt?! I have some of those shirts that Patricia’s talking about and if I got “confronted” about every shirt I wore to the gym it would be for an annoying day.

I saw a guy wearing a T-mag shirt at the gym and made sure I was as far from him as possible. He had his weight belt cinched as tight as he could, jeans, boots and all while doing lateral raises in the power rack. Weighed all of ~150 pounds and over 5’10"… Live & let live, never know when the idiot with the shirt goes postal on ya.


First things first, yes you were an asshole. Maybe if he had been chatting up your girl or something but all in all, bad form. Second I agree that this is one hilarious thread with special mention to Eggnog; “8/10 on the asshole scale” AHHAHAAHAHAHAH, to Char-dawg for being like the Yoda of T-Mag forum; all knowing, all seeing and to Croooz for telling it like it is plus I love the term “flying fuck”. There were many other very funny posts, Cliff Claven etc. but these caught my eye.

Hey man, couldnt help but take that the wrong way, was that meant to be a shot at me? I have to say I know EXACTLY how you feel. I said Gabba Gabba Hey to a guy wearing a Ramones shirt, he looked at me like a giant panda riding a bike. If you know your Ramones youd know all about Gabba Gabba Hey… I think cult status best describes this.

No, it wasn’t a stab at all. I know all about Gabba Gabba Hey and think that Rocket to Russia and Leave Home are 2 of the greatest albums ever made. I was really upset about it when Joey passed on and got like next to zero media coverage. The Ramones are the epitomy of Rock and Roll!! I mean all their stuff is pretty good (except for that Dee Dee Ramone rap project in the 80’s DEE DEE KING, blech).
Great to meet a fellow fan.


If he didn’t atleast know who Hal Jordan was you should have punched him in the throat. Just kidding. You should learn to not get mad at people who are ignorant of something so meaningless and proud of it. Even if they do insult the greatest most heroic intergalatic peace keeping force of all time. Seriously, Patricia’s post hits the nail on the head.

YeahI realized the error of my ways and all has been resolved. Thanks for at least understanding my thoughts on it though. Oh, and for the record I think that “Fists of fury” aka Chinese Connection is the best, when Bruce fights the old guy at the end love that flick. I also love the 3 or 4 episodes of Batman in the mid to late 60’s that Kato appeared in. Hilarious!!

150, 5`10, T-Mag shirt, belt pulled tight to accentuate my v-taper, lateral raises in the power rack, that was me. You making fun o me? :slight_smile:

Hey, you live in Asia long enough and you get to where you can do that Asian trancendental/telepathic/all-seeing thing. What can I say? (My next project is to grow a long wispy white beard…)

Sure am! I’m the one with the ty dye green latern shirt or is it spiderman, I can never keep them straight…

Dude, loosen the belt and allow some blood flow to your chicken legs. Croooz

oh yeah DOGPILE!!!
“You got knocked the fuck out man!” ( Chris Tucker to Zeus “Tiny” Lister in the movie Friday)
Sorry I just had to add to the pile. But seriously you were drunk (I’m guessing) and it went a little far. You know better now. Just grow from it.

lol…get a life dawg…

yea, you probably were a little over the top. Here is another view on the situation. Did you know that “The Hurracane” from the WWE is using the lantern symbol as his insignia now? the dude was probably a Pro Wresteling fan and had no idea who the lantern is.