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Am I an asshole for this??

Okay, here goes.
Not too long ago I was out with friends for my B’day. I am sitting there at the table and a guy comes in wearing a Green Lantern shirt (the DC comics superhero). I have been collecting Green Lantern for a while now and comics in general for about 12 years. So being a fan I said “wow, cool you like GL?!” the guy is like “uhh yeah” so I asked who was your favorite GL and named off the most prominent 5 Lantern corps members. He responds, "uhhhh I have no idea what your talking about and shrugs his shoulders. I got pissed at him for being a talentless poseur hack cashing in on something that was deemed as cool and basically told him he shouldn’t go around representing things he knows nothing about and he’s an idiot for not choosing his own image. All the guys at the table agree with me, but all the girls are like what the hell is your problem. I tried to explain about being a poseur and used the example that if they saw someone wearing a shirt of their favorite band and then proceeded to talk to this person based on that commonality and the person knew nothing about it wouldn’t they think that that person was an idiot? I think that only for the sake of argument they said no. I think that the way a person dresses or carries themselves says something about them and think people should at least have an idea of what they are representing. It’s like when I see a guy wandering around the gym with ILS (imaginary lat syndrome) with his arms pushed to his sides all I think is this guy doesnt care about working out he just wants to be a tough asshole, but isnt tough anyways since he has to pretend to have lats. Anyways I could go on and on about many similar things. So am I an asshole for this yes/no?

Maybe not an asshole, but definitely a dork.

Not an ssshole. Just a total geek.

It may be that some one wearing a T-shirt for a band just likes that bands music, and doesn’t know anything else about them. So somehow this person is an idiot because of that? Hey, maybe that guy received the shirt as a gift.

If I had to know something about every logo that I had on each of my t-shirts, I’d have to drop out of school and quit work to have enough time for the research.

I wear surfing t-shirts that I get from my uncle who is an active surfer. I have only been surfing once in my life. Does this mean I’m pretending to be a surfer? No, because I will tell anyone who asks that I’m not a surfer.

It may be stupid for me or that guy to wear a shirt and know nothing about it, but you shouldn’t jump on the guy for doing it.

Yes you are definitely an asshole, not to mention a strange nerd\geek. (actually if you are not yet 12 years old disregard, you may be kinda normal).

Good move. I bet the girls think you are “the man”. You should be getting calls from each of them for hot midnight trysts. Chicks are just looking to get with a guy who is not only an asshole, but a geek, too. Geeky assholes are what chicks are lookin for. LOL What you ended up looking like, whether you intended it or not, is a guy who felt and threatened or inferior to the other guy when it came to these women. So, to better your standing in the eyes of the women, you ripped him over something so unimportant in front of them. Good move. Chicks really dig insecure, geeky assholes! ROFL Are you still in HS or something?

Yes, you are an asshole. However, I can appreciate the courage it took to write this thread. Therefore, you are not a total asshole. You are a 8/10 on the asshole scale.
I don’t wear any logos. I’d have to be paid royalties because everyone pays attention to what I am doing. If I did wear logos it would say, “Stop looking at me” or “Keep your eyes to yourself.”

YES, you are an asshole. Maybe he wore the shirt because he thought it looked good. According you your anal-alogy, since I’m wearing Nike shoes I should know about the company, who they sponser… All I can say is there are a lot of important things in life, THIS ISN’T ONE OF THEM. GET A LIFE!

Yes you are an asshole. Learn from it and don’t do it again.

ummm…why would you care what anybody was wearing?

Target is the guy everyone in a forum loves to hate. To some degree he brings this upon himself. For example, he may be a known cheater in a game forum, a conservative among liberals, a Windows guy among Mac enthusiasts, or even a man in a women’s forum. Why Target places himself in such dicey situations is anyone’s guess, but he seems genuinely oblivious to his precarious position. When Target inevitably runs afoul of a forum’s prevailing attitudes the other Warriors unleash their collective fury upon him. His usual reaction is “Hey, what did I do?” or “Why do you all hate me?” Target usually gets the hint after a while and moves on. NOTE: Target often serves as a useful pressure valve for the forum’s pent up hostilities. Therefore, if the current Target has been driven off or immobilized a new target will be quickly selected.

You’re not really an asshole, just a flaming dork. I’ve read comic books all my life but understood that guys like you made guys like me feel dirty for looking at the comic rack with girls around.
You will never get laid off of any of those girls.
Please disregard if you are 12.

sorry buddy but that’s assaholic. You can’t be serious!

You acted like Cliff Claven.

No you are not an asshole, just a pissy fanboy.

Not an asshole but a major dork, putting stuff like that on the forum is just asking for it. If it was football maybe, but not comics man!

Anyone who wants somebody to narrow down his favorite Green Lantern coprs members to 5 is an asshole. Any self-respecting Green Lantern fan knows that such a list must be at least 7 entries long. Sheesh! The nerve!

This whole thread is about the funniest thing I’ve seen on the forum in a while. Definitely a classic.

As for the original question, if you had lit into me like you did to the guy in the GL shirt, I would have given you the response that I give to the occasional woman who can’t handle my Testosterone shirts: “Hey, get your panties unbunched. It’s a T-SHIRT, all right? Sheesh!” Said with the proper dose of condescending scorn, this would have shut you up - and probably gotten me a couple of those girls’ numbers as well.

Like the man said above: learn from your mistakes and move on. In this case, the thing to do is pick the girl you most want to date out of the group, go up to her, and say, “Y’know, I’ve been thinking about it, and I realize that I was kind of being a jerk to that guy the other day. Sorry about that.” You may or may not get a date, but your stock will rise in her eyes.