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Am I Allowed Back Here?

So guys just wondering if im allowed back bere

Were you suspended or something? Apparently if you was , your prison sentence was served.


You were never not allowed here. You were simply told to stop making new accounts every time you had trouble logging in to this original username. I think you were up to five or six short-term accounts popping up. Really, you’re lucky we chalked it up to a recurring case of The Dumb instead of trolling.

Since you’ve finally found the login info for this account or finally figured out how two spel ur paswerd, this is the only account you’ll be posting with.


Damn Chris … your taking a page out of my grammar book. :laughing:


Sure…finally manged to find a way to get the log in info to change the password…I know I sounded like stupid before many times…but it was really that I couldn’t rmmeber my log in info …any way thanks for being kind to let me in back…appreciate it…love it here tyvm

I opened up this thread thinking its perhaps dbossa or vonko and to say hell no.

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