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Am I About to Screw Up a Cycle?


I did search around and didn't find the answers I was looking for.
A little background before I get started.
age 35
approx 15% bf (although it looks like more cause no matter how much cardio I do fat doesn't go away on my belly)
I've done a bunch of cycles but I now have some new stuff I haven't tried before. Here is my plan.

week 1-8 100mg test prop EOD
week 1-8 100mg masteron EOD
week 4-8 50mg anavar ED
week 8-10 40mg nolva
week 10-12 20mg nolva

I also have Clomid and Arimidex on hand.

As you can probably tell, I'm looking to cut. Is there a better way to use what I have to cut my bf? Prior to this I tried doing around an hour of cardio a night along with a pretty clean diet for about 3 mo. Roughly 2000 cal a day with plenty of protein.


2000 cal a day is not enough. And at 210 and 6'2 holy shit, you are either shredded already or need to pack on about 30 pounds.

What have your other cycles looked like? How much can you take? Pictures?

Test Prop and Masteron are a sick combo for looking hard. Add Tren in there and you would be rocking. Although i would bump the Test up to at least 75mg/day if you add that.

But to reiterate my initial statement you need to be taking in WAY more calories. Clean ones of course, but when you're on, weight training, and doing an hour of cardio a day, you would probably shred faster on 4kcals a day then 2kcal.

just my 2cc


If you've done a bunch of cycles are 6'2" 210lbs @ 15+% bodyfat there is something wrong with your eating habits. 175ish pounds of lean body mass at 6'2 is not an ideal situation to be 'cutting'.


I'm curious as to what cycles you have run in the past?

Your stats indicate that your diet is way off and that perhaps food and not steroids is what you need. They will not do the work for you!


I'm definitely eating more now and will on the cycle. I was just going to extremes to try to get as lean as possible.

My previous cycles included:

Sustanon 250, Laurabolin, I did a few deca/dbol used some tren that made me a little nuts. but it's been a least 3 years since my last cycle but I've never been out of the gym. After most of my cycles I'd end up around 245lbs but my bf would be less each time.


I do agree that my eating habits have been out of wack at times but there in check now and I probably eat around 3500 cal a day. And I may have overestimated my bf. It's more like 10-12%.