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Am I a Type 1B or 2A?

Hey CT,

Im trying to figure out if I am a type 1B or 2A. I seem to share some characteristics of both. I have always been naturally athletic/explosive. Before I ever started lifting I was fast and strong for my size. I was always one of the fastest kids at my school over short distances, and could easily out wrestle any of my friends even while being relatively thin. Once I started lifting though I blew up and got big very quickly. My athleticism also increased with my size. I was faster and more powerful, I have always been drawn to explosive activities and heavier lifting.This makes me believe I am a type 1b from a physical stand point, but I seem to share some of the personality characteristic of the type 2a as well. I was thinking that may be a social conditioning type of thing though.

What are your thoughts?


That is a mix of high acetylcholine and fast twitch fiber dominance, which can indeed be type 1B or 2A

Do you care what other people think of you?

Is being accepted, respected, admired your driving force?

Is your natural self-esteem high or low?

Does your personality change depending on the person you are with? Does it tend to mimic the person you are with?

Were you better in competition or in training? Or maybe you were good in minor competitions but choked when the states got high?

Do yo tend to procrastinate?

Do you want to get along with everybody?

Do you like to take risks?

  1. Yes, but starting to care less as I work on myself more.
  2. Yes, but also starting to value what I think and my own mission more
  3. Sometimes
    4.I feel it was pretty high to start as a child, then some things at school.home caused it to drop. I am now specifically working on it and it is increasing again.
  4. I was always good in both.
  5. I used to, but now I do not.
  6. Yes, but I will not go out of my way to do so if the other person is being uncourteous and I will not agree with them for the sake of agreeing…
  7. No, but I am starting to actively take more

ok 2A with high acetylcholine and fast twitch dominance. Can actually train like a 1B but with more variation.

Awesome, thanks!

My current goals involve being as strong as possible for my size in certain lifts and being athletic as possible(jump as high as possible, run as fast as possible, as agile as possible ect)

What I have been doing is very heavy strength work(90+% singles and eccentric overload training) mixed with high speed explosive movements and have been getting great results. My training methods are based on the research of Chris Beardsley from Strength and conditioning research. It seems to be pretty much in line with the type 1bs training approach. With these goals in mind do you think i should add anything else to my training? Would any higher rep work benefit me or just detract from my goals?


Procrastionation is neurotype dependent? It is like 2A thing?

It’s more frequent in Type 2A and 2Bs… all types can do it but since 2As and 2Bs function better when adrenaline i being released they tend to procrastinate to be under pressure (thus adrenaline release) to finally get it done

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Whoops read that as training like 1B instead of 2B.

So CT, even if my goals involve relative strength/ athleticism you would not recommend training with maximal weights in my case?

2As can train with heavy weights. But normally in 4 week cycles. I’m a 2A and I prefer to lift heavy. When I say cycles of 4 weeks I’m talking max effort, 92-100% weight.s You can do to 85-90% fairly easily.

That’s what I meant, I edited my comment

Cool, for athletic purpose would I benefit from higher rep work or can I stick to relatively lower reps(3-6 )?

In other words, what volume/intensity/ rep range should i be training at if i could care less about hypertrophy and only want performance(relative strength/speed/explosiveness)

Athletes rarely need to go to 1-2 reps per set. Maybe once in a while but not hat often. Unless you are a pure power athlete (shot putter, bobsleigh, maybe sprinters).

I essentially am a power athlete as I mainly want to increase my vertical jump/dunk height, short sprint speed(10-40 yards), broad jump, and 1rm in certain lifts

Got one more for you CT,

As a 2A would you advise against the use of any caffeine pre workout to help aid performance?

Appreciate your time and all your help!

Yeah then with a 2A I’d use and accumulation / intensification block structure with each block lasting 3 weeks. Going to the 1-3 zone one one lift per workout during the intensification blocks and using more the 3-6 zone during the accumulation phase for the bigger lift in the session.

Well that’s a good question. On one hand 2As and 2Bs are highly potentiated with any form of stimulants. On the other hand they can easily become addicted to it and also stay in sympathetic nervous system mode for too long after the workout, making the session more draining on the nervous system and risking desensitizing the adrenal receptors over time (adrenal receptor sensitivity being the no.1 advantage of a 2A).

A smaller dose of caffeine is likely fine. I wouldn’t use high doses like 200mg or more and probably not prior to every workout. I would certainly avoid the harder stimulants except for a TRUE test session. I would also recommend taking something to calm down the CNS after the workout like glycine (5-10g) and/or magnesium GLYCINATE (500-1000mg). A small dose (1 pill) of Z12 post workout for a 2A will actually help prevent CNS fatigue (which in their case would be temporary adrenal receptor desensitization from being activated for too long).

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I was thinking it is just because 2s can be more adicted to pleasures like watching TV and eating… Now i am very glad I asked!

Why exactly this is advantageous? How this advantage manifests?

Different types can have different advantages, but sometimes I want to be 1 and not 2 :smiley: