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Am I a Type 1B or 2A?

Hello Christian, I’m aware that you don’t want to turn this forum into a neurotype Q&A but I would really appreciate it just to know mine, and would like to summit thorought bullet points so that it doesn’t take you time.
Also, I wanna try one of your Thibarmy program when I’m feeling better and would like to know which one would fit my neurotype the best !


• Intelligent (>150 IQ)
• Excellent memory
• On the introvert side
• But an excellent speaker
• Not a stressed person
• But I can be discouraged by some events
• Keep my feelings for myself
• I’m a foody, love to cook and eat
• Used to drink a lot but I’ve cut it over the years for sports
• Used to have very low self-esteem, still not the most confident
• Like situations that I master unless it seems exciting/fun
• Craves novelty: obsessed with something for some time then I move on to another thing
• I follow someone’s who’s better without questionning, but I hate less skilled people challenge me
• Very competitive, but not that much in the gym
• Like to impress others (heavy deads, zercher etc) but training comes first: I have no problem traning my weaknesses with light weights, won’t feel like shit


• I prefer heavy compound, but not with too much intensity or I burn out fast
• Also like O-lifts and strongman
• More explosive than strong, but not that much
• I have no problem doint bodybuilding work and have a good mind-muscle connection, but if I’m doing only that I get bored
• Always finish my programs but I always think about the next one
• Like to master lifts
• More interested by weight unless doing isolation
• Drawn to high frequency

The programs that worked the best: Best Damn; Train like an athlete, look like a bodybuilder. Your Program for strength and athleticism; and Athlete lean athlete strong were also good, but I tend to overdo cardio and I crashed during the first one. 915 and Powerlook were good for my lower body but almost no improvement on upper body. My guess is not enough volume.

Thank you for your time!

100% … I was actually going to comment on that. I’m more than happy to answer neurotyping questions BUT I cannot turn it into a neurotypinc diagnostic thread. First because that is part of the services I provide (which would not be fair to my paying clients) but also because I always talk directly with the person to establish their neurotype. While I can do it fairly adequately by reading, it is not the same and I don’t want to mislead anybody.

But your case is pretty easy. You are a 2A… I mean, if I wanted to draw a typical 2A profile you would probably be it

I understand Coach, thank you very much anyway! I guess your Conjugate bodybuilding would be a good fit then?

yes it would